weather in china in august 2019

August is usually a popular traveling month due to the summer holiday. While the capital city of Beijing in northeastern China stays moderately cool and dry throughout the month, the southern city of Guangzhou is still relatively hot and rainy. Get the monthly weather forecast for Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. People still wear summer clothes and prefer summer resorts to escape the heat. China issued a red alert for incoming Super … This area of China around the Yangtze River has its hottest days in July and August, and rain is heavy. This country combines a diversity of climatic zones. Shandong Weather in Spring (March, April, May) Spring is one of the best times to visit Shandong, because during this period, the temperature rises gradually to a very comfortable, warm level, most destinations have beautiful nature flower blossoms.Early March can be a little cold and dry but in April and May, you can bath in warm sunshine and see different colors of nature. The heat is in full swing in Beijing and its surroundings. In august, maximum temperature is 32°C and minimum temperature is 28°C (for an average temperature of 30°C). With 173mm over 15 days, rainfall can happen for your journey. Share. It is towards the end of the month that one can benefit from the superb climate throughout August in Beijing. Beijing weather in August 2021. 2017 2018 2019 2020. Thank you for waiting. With summer in full swing in Beijing, one should expect warm days. Read an overview of the climate. How is the weather in China in august? On the other hand, it is expected that there will be frequent showers following the slight increase in precipitation. Get the monthly weather forecast for Beijing, Beijing, China, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Due to the influence of the monsoon, rainfall increases in intensity and frequency in the center of the country. In the month of august, maximum temperature is 35°C and minimum temperature is 30°C (for an average temperature of 32°C). Weather was so hot and humid that it made the entire trip VERY UNPLEASANT. The climate is very warm in that locality in august. Travel guide and advices. Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Shanghai ☃ Water Temperature in localities in Shanghai ☀ Weather forecast for Shanghai in August ☔. It is the ninth typhoon to hit China this year, according to China… The climate is very warm in this location in august. Hong Kong Weather in August . By Christopher Giles, Benjamin Strick and Wanyuan Song BBC Reality Check October brings cooler yet mild temperatures with plenty of sunny days to enjoy the fall foliage, but the weather can vary drastically by region. Southern China in August. Staff members transfer relief supplies via a rubber dinghy amid Typhoon Lekima in east China, August 10, 2019. There are nearly all the existing climates. August is one of the hottest months of the year. 11 August 2019. August is our hottest and humidest month. Towards the middle of the month, the climatic conditions are characterized by the strong heat and remain pleasant. August 23, 2019 at 5:27 PM EDT China is the latest country to be enveloped in exceptional warmth, joining a growing list of nations worldwide to … Weather data for China in august is derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in China. no where (except Hilton in the rooms) was the AC anything like as effective as what we experience in the US. Travel Alert August 2019: Typhoon Lekima Threatens China If Shanghai and surrounding areas of coastal eastern China are in your travel plans over the next few days, you may want to consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to the latest information pertaining to the weather — due to Typhoon Lekima. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Shanghai. In this section, check out the weather forecast for august for most popular cities in China. Shanghai Weather for April 2019. Between August 12th and 15th Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku, plays host to the lively Awa-odori Matsuri, one of the biggest dance parties in Japan which attracts over a million visitors. Coronavirus: Fact-checking claims it might have started in August 2019. At times the thermometer displays values around 34° C. In order to avoid the heat of the sun, it is better to favour the first hours of the day or the late afternoon to go outside. — China Xinhua News (@XHNews) August 11, 2019 Since making landfall, Lekima has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Remember to pack clothes for rain.With a correct climate, the month of august is okay (but not good time) for traveling in this city in China. The weather in China throughout August in the south of the country is just acceptable, due to the humidity and the heat. In the month of august, maximum temperature is 33°C and minimum temperature is 25°C (for an average temperature of 29°C). About sharing. However the weather in Beijing throughout August remains magnificent thanks to the succession of many sunny days. With 245mm over 23 days, the weather is rather to rain throughout your holidays. C° F° It is much less rainy than earlier in the summer, and there is a lot of bright sunshine. Thus, as of dawn, the morning temperatures are approaching 25° C. As the hours go by, rising temperatures dispel uncomfortable heat for outdoor activities. Weather in Shanghai in August 2020. The mountains in Zhangjiajie feel cooler and are good places to go in hot weather . China Weather in October . Hot and humid weather continues throughout Okinawa and Japan’s southernmost islands in August (avg temp: 29°C). C° F° Autumn is normally the most comfortable season of the year (September to early October). In august, maximum temperature is 32°C and minimum temperature is 29°C (for an average temperature of 31°C). China: get the best price! In fact, the significant decrease in temperature favors a comfortable atmosphere, while the rains are retiring and giving way to many sunny days that follow one another. But this is pretty moderate and it will not be continuous.With a good weather, the month of august is a recommended month to go there in China. Due to the summer vacation in China, August is also a tourist month in Beijing. With 307mm over 23 days, the weather is rather to rain throughout your stay. From middle August, the weather is getting cooler especially in the morning and evening, for the Beginning of Autumn, one of the 24 solar terms, usually falls on August 7th, 8th, or 9th. Read an overview of the climate. Just back, traveled with a group of 6. The destinations are displayed with objective criteria (climate, budget, activities ...) and are not related to any commercial offers. Share page. The weather in China can vary slightly from year to year, but these predictions should limit surprises. Climate conditions are ideal in most of the communities in the northwest. The weather in Beijing can vary slightly from year to year, but this data should limit surprises. tolerable weather across 46% of the territory good weather across 46% of the territory perfect weather across 10% of the territory. The sad thing is that the heat of August comes hand in hand with humidity. Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in China ☃ Water Temperature in localities in China ☀ Weather forecast for China in August ☔. close. There is a margin of error and these forecasts are to be considered as general information only. Weather in Beijing in august 2021. Weather in China in August 2020. Picture taken August 8, 2019. These charts show the evolution of average minimum/maximum temperatures as well as average daily precipitation volume in Beijing in august. You can view the weather statistics the entire month, but also by clicking on the tabs for the beginning, the middle and the end of the month. Weather: It is in July and August that Wuhan often lives up to its name as one of the "Three Furnace Cities" in China. Travel guide and advices. Though the Beijing weather in August is not appealing to travelers coming to Beijing, August is a peak tourist season in China with a great number of domestic tourists visiting Beijing. The climate is burning in this location in this month. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for China with current travel advice, statistics and online resources. Select a destination to see more weather parameters. Check out weather averages and our advices on this page. September is the start of autumn in China, with temperatures beginning to cool off in northern regions, while the south is still warm and humid.

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