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Surface water temperatures on Lake Ontario on October 11, 2020. July 2, 2012 . The warmest water temperature in Lake Erie in January is 7.4°C/45.3°F, and the coldest water temperature in January is -0.6°C/30.9°F. Lake Erie's water temperature is now at 76°F, a record for the date of July 9th. The name you have entered for the shortcut already exists on your Weather shortcuts menu. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration For all sorts of lake-relatved recreation such as swimming boating,and fishing, this site provides mathematically generated instantaneous and 5-day predictions of lake surface water temperatures. Water levels are recorded by gauges along the shore of each lake, some of which have been operated since the 1800s. At the time, all sources of nutrients, especially phosphorus, were targeted for reductions. It is the southernmost, shallowest, and smallest by volume of the Great Lakes and therefore also has the shortest average water residence time.At its deepest point Lake Erie is 210 feet (64 metres) deep. Erie Beach sea water temperatures are always warm reach their warmest in early August. Radiofax Charts Information on Great Lakes water levels is available from several agencies in the United States and Canada. Current water temperature Lake Erie Click on the "Save" button to add the link to the list, Click on the "X" button to close the panel, Click on the "Delete" button to remove the link from the list, Click on the "Close" button to save the change, Click and hold the link and move to new location in the list, Click on the "Rename" button and change the link name. Safety The Internet is not part of the National Weather Service's operational data stream and should never be relied upon as a means to obtain the latest forecast and warning data. Prepared By: Questions? LAKE ERIE DISSOLVED OXYGEN MONITORING PROGRAM TECHNICAL REPORT MARCH 2020 1 PAGE | LAKE ERIE DISSOLVED OXYGEN MONITORING PROGRAM . Lake Erie waters recently have been running 3 degrees to 8 degrees higher than normal in some areas, according to weather service data. Water temperatures can rise to 80 degrees in the rather shallow water of Lake Erie. 255 FZUS61 KCLE 301452 GLFLE Open Lake Forecast for Lake Erie National Weather Service Cleveland OH 952 AM EST Mon Nov 30 2020 For waters beyond five nautical miles of shore on Lake Erie Waves are the significant wave height - the average of the highest 1/3 of the wave spectrum. The different colors used in the map above have no meaning and are only intended to assist in differentiating the zones. Highway regions are available in the Alberta text forecast bulletin between Lake Louise and Jasper. NOAA Water Levels Station Selection (for US waters) NOAA's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) is the authoritative source for accurate, reliable, and timely tides, water levels, currents and other oceanographic information in the United States. Erie Beach sea water temperatures peak in the range 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F) on around the 2nd of August and are at their minimum on about the 12th of February, in the range -0 to 2°C (32 to 36°F). admin . Contacts Data since 1918 have come from a designated set of gauges in each lake. 943 AM EST Sun Nov 8 2020 The water temperature off Buffalo is 50 degrees. Feedback Radiofax Hardware, Dissemination NWS Dissemination Methods, Items of Interest These forecasts are also available via e-mail, NOTICE - Check time and date of forecasts. The measurements for the water temperature in Erie, Pennsylvania are provided by the daily satellite readings provided by the NOAA. Wind : SE 19 gust 22: Pressure and tendency (kPa) 101.6 ↓ Wave height (m) 1.2: Air temperature (°C) 10: Wave period (s) 5.0 The water temperature (10.4 °C) at Crystal Beach is quite cold. July is the month with the highest water temperature at 82.2°F / 27.9°C. Would you like to overwrite it? Go to the desired page on the site, open the Weather shortcuts menu and click on the "Add to shortcuts" button; Page name will display in the "Add this page" window, the name can be changed by highlighting the text and entering the desired name. NOAA's National Weather Service marine forecasts (for US Waters). Marine Forecasts Information from NOAA-GLERL. Warning: Clicking on the button below will remove all your customized links. Coastal Warning Display Program NWS Lake Huron is eight degrees warmer than average at 69 degrees. Forecast bottom temperature and dissolved oxygen - This panel depicts modeled lake bottom temperatures in degrees Celcius and bottom dissolved oxygen, and also a cross-sectional view of Lake Erie forecast model data from Cleveland to Port Stanley (Canada). Pre-1918 data came from one water level gauge per lake. Select to drag and drop, rename or delete. Go prepared with Highway 93 forecasts. Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Profiles for the Open Waters of the Central Basin of Lake Erie during Summer/Fall of 2016. Water temperature records began in 1927. — NWS Buffalo (@NWSBUFFALO) July 9, 2020 Experimental Modernized Open Lake Forecast for Lake Erie. Check it out! Add to shortcuts. Great Lakes Marine Weather Portal - Includes point forecasts. Weather Charts Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch1325 East-West Hwy, 13th floorCommunications OfficeSilver Spring, MD 20910Comments? Nearshore Marine Forecasts. Visit the Cleveland, OH Forecast Office which provides links to additional products as well as regionally focused information such as point-specific marine forecasts, predicted tides and buoy observations. Lake Ontario has a surface water temperature averaging around 60 degrees. This table is a summary of hourly weather conditions for the weather station or buoy. Please note that these observations might not always be representative of weather conditions over their associated marine area. High Seas Forecasts, Radiofax Charts The daily lake temperatures for Lake Erie off Buffalo and for Lake Ontario off Rochester are included in the Nearshore Marine Forecast. Foundation, Weather For Boaters - BoatU.S. The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between the United States and Canada set phosphorus limits for Lake Erie at 0.1 mg/liter and mercury limits at .01 mg/liter. Our system updates the water temperatures hourly 24/7/365 from that source. NOAA - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory Average water temperature in Lake Erie in January is 2°C/35.6°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. Marine Weather for Canada. This Web page contains links to a number of official Web sites containing Great Lakes water level and related data. Please Contact Us. Become familiar with and use other means such as NOAA Weather Radio to obtain the latest forecasts and warnings. This data is unofficial. If the sun shines as forecast, it should feel warm enough to get away with a good sealed spring wetsuit but you won't overheat in a winter wetsuit, gloves boots and a hood. Advertisement It’s also the time of the year when cooler air from Canada … Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Weather Conditions; NOAA's marine observations. Crystal Beach sea temperatures peak in the range 19 to 24°C (66 to 75°F) on around the 10th of August and are at their lowest on about the 8th of February, in the range 1 to 2°C (34 to 36°F). This table is a summary of hourly weather conditions for the weather station or buoy. Lake Erie average water temperature this year (red) versus long-term average. Become familiar with and use other means such as, Marine Text Forecasts by Zone - Text Interface, Marine Text Forecast and Products - Complete Listing, Text Product File Server Data Files - File Structure Description for FTP, WeatherFax - The Best Budget Weather Solution for Sailors, Buoy, C-MAN, Ship, Drifters, Gliders, HF Radar, PORTS, Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System, Experimental Marine Graphical Composite Forecast maps - Tropical North Atlantic, Experimental Marine Graphical Composite Forecast maps - Eastern North Pacific, Get Marine Text and Graphic Products via Email, Marine Communications - BoatU.S. The Internet is not part of the National Weather Service's operational data stream and should never be relied upon as a means to obtain the latest forecast and warning data. This indicator analyzes water levels and surface water temperatures in the Great Lakes. Click on this link for a view of Lake Erie Surface Temperatures. The ability of Lake Erie to rapidly change from calm to stormy is well-known to veterans of the lake. Linked data may not represent the latest forecast. Effective windchill factor of (11.0 °C). Great Lakes Water Level Data. Click on this link for a view of Central Lake Erie Surface Temperatures. Temperature prediction accuracy is expected to range between 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Publications. With colder air temperatures recently moving over Northeast Ohio’s coastline, Lake Erie’s water temperature is finally at a point where it can now start to freeze.

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