siachen glacier north of nubra valley

The Nubra River merges with the Shyok River near Diskit (the seat of the Nubra Valley).In addition to Diskit, the popular destinations Hunder, Turtuk, and Tyakshi are located along the Shyok River, which joins the Indus River in Pakistan. Due to its control over Saltoro Ride, India is better placed to strike a bargain while settling bilateral territorial disputes with Pakistan in the future. Siachen Glacier lies to the north of the valley. Also, you can say this is located on the Line of Control between Pakistan and India. Siachen Glacier can easily be approached via Skardu in Ladakh. However, some part of this glacier is towards Laddakh India. Blizzards can last for weeks, temperatures can drop to -55 degrees Celsius (-67 degrees Fahrenheit), and crevasses can swallow a person whole. Siachen Glacier provides a very good opportunity for mountaineering. The Saltoro Ridge of the Siachin glacier serves as a divide that prevents direct linking of PoK with China, stopping them to develop geographical military linkages in the area. The glacier lies between the Saltoro Ridge immediately to the west and the main Karakoram range to the east. In 1848 Henry Starchy discovered the Siachen glacier and climbed two miles from the snout in the Nubra Valley. Siachen Glacier can easily be approached via Skardu in Ladakh. Siachen Glacier lies to the north of the valley. Nubra Valley: Paradise in the Ladakh - See 799 traveler reviews, 961 candid photos, and great deals for Leh District, India, at Tripadvisor. The entir… The climbing is quite challenging. At 76 km (47 mi) long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world's non-polar areas. This trek visits one of the least visited areas in Ladakh in an unspoilt landscape with stunning views of Karakoram ranges especially from the summit of Lasermo la pass at 5,400 m. This is where the road ends and treks to various army posts at Siachen glacier begin. Siachen Base Camp is the base came or in layman terms, the army base from where Indian Indian Army mans the Glacier operations. E.C. Sand dunes Nubra Valley. Road in Mountains - Landscape of Nubra Valley in Leh Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Tributaries. Previously there was much trade passing through the area with western China’s Xinjiang and Central Asia. The significance of the Siachen Glacier, nestled high up in the mountains beyond the Shyok-Nubra Valley, has received a shot in the arm given the seriousness of the current face-off between India and China in Eastern Ladakh. Local chieftains continued to autonomously rule the Nubra Valley until the 16th century, when Islamic invader Mirza Haider Dughlat entered Ladakh through the area and defeated them. This is an ancient trade route, that traverse the area with western China’s Xinjiang and Central Asia. Dear Mr. Harishwe are safely back home and we already miss India. This is the highest motor-able road which is kept up by Border Roads Organization and it is deliberately a critical street to convey supplies to the Siachen Glacier. 47 miles long Glacier Situated in the Northeast of Karakoram range in the Himalayas. Nubra Valley lies about 150 km north of Leh where the rivers, Shyok and Siachen, meet to form a large valley. Towns and villages . Same is the case with Nubra river which originates at Siachen glacier. Diskit - Diskit the capital of Nubra is about 150 km north from Leh town, the capital of Ladakh district . Siachen Glacier is situated to the North of Nubra Valley. However, the valley has many other small monasteries.

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