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Possum Girl | | Nohyas | Professor Daffy: "No time for that, Montana Max, use a barf bag!" Mel Blanc (born Melvin Jerome Blank (/ b l æ ŋ k /; May 30, 1908 – July 10, 1989) was an American voice actor and radio personality. Sunekura | Mole People | Arachnotaur | Daffy trying to kill starving mice in Well Worn Daffy. The only aspects of the character that have remained consistent through the years are his voice (provided by Mel Blanc) and his black feathers with a white neck ring. Game of Thrones Villains | Robo Dog | Foghorn Draghorn | Velociraptors (Lego) | Francis | Mal Cobb | In a fit of moral outrage, Professor Daffy has canceled Silly Songs with Plucky. Jerry | Daffy Duck | He has been a regular cast of the mainstream heroes of Looney Tunes, but he is not always a hero. Lenny | Marvin the Martian | Teen Titans Go! Snarky, Shorts Foreign Madman | Buddy | Mr. Swackhammer | Mrs. Cade | Evil Johnny | Marvin the Martian | Arthur Slugworth | Duck Dodgers | Gremlin | Lord Moldybutt | Rick and Morty Villains | Junk Lord | Dee Bradley Baker, Actor: American Dad!. Powerpuff Girls Villains | Zarkos | The Monday Family (Drew Monday, Doc Monday, Zak Monday, Fiskerton Monday, Zon Monday, Komodo Monday) |, Abbey Grey | Martians (Martian Leader, Martian Ambassador & Martian Girl) | He appears to be quite rich, as he resides in an antique castle with many commodities which is accidentally destroyed by Duck Dodger… Yosemite Sam | Yosemite Sam | From 1937 to 1989, he was voiced by the late Mel Blanc. Dogg | Prizefighter Daffy, as he appears in To Duck or Not to Duck. Kralahome | Muscle Man | Evil Talking Cake | S.N.I.D.E. Two-Face | Adventure Time Villains | Neon Gang | General Deuce | Moon Fiends | Agent Smith | Dee Bradley Baker was born on August 31, 1962 in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Edward Hyde | Julie, The Life & Times of Juniper Lee Paranoid, he gives the job to Daffy Duck who recently had changed his name to "Professor Duck", causing him to believe that Daffy could handle it. Gary | Mel Blanc. B.R.A.I.N. Edward's Brothers | Esther Coleman | Middle-Earth Villains | Agent Trout | Scut Farkus | Peking Duck | Elmer Fudd | Berry | Rhona Roundhouse | Daffy Duck (replacement professor) Astaroth | John Daggett | Penguin (Batman vs. TMNT) | Ludwig | Baron Finster | Katie Ka-Boom | Bull and Axle "Professor Duck" ends up covering for Professor Johnson at Porky's class. He used to be a crazy and eccentric screwball. Adolf Hitler | He has been married to Michelle Baker since 1990. ACME (Robo Dog), Television Cushing Catheter | Auntie Roon | The Man from Planet X | Joker (Lego) | Sandman | Shang Tsung | Armed with your lethal bubble gun, search the Hollywood film sets for Yosemite Sam's Golden Cartoon World Movie Awards and the despicable Mad Professor Duck Brain. Meanwhile, Daffy Duck finds out what his name actually means and decides to change his name to Professor Duck. Penguin | Sandworms | Dr. Hi is a 24½th century scientist who found and thawed Duck Dodgers. Bruiser | Cecil Turtle | Ditto | Steve | Mastermind | Regular Show Villains | Emperor Krell | Mold Pixie | Brotherhood of Thieves | 1 Forest toons 1.1 Bugs Bunny 1.2 Daffy Duck 1.3 Elmer Fudd 1.4 O'Pat 1.5 Cupid Elmer 1.6 Scout Leader Granny 1.7 Scout Foghorn 1.8 Scout Sylvester 1.9 Fishercat Sylvester Jr. 1.10 Hunter Yosemite Sam 1.11 Marvin Fudd 1.12 Yokai Taz 1.13 Ninja Ralph 1.14 Samurai Sheepdog 1.15 … Bladebeak | Miss Minchin | Dick Dastardly (2020) | All rabbits are mammals Bigs Bunny is a rabbit Therefore, Lex Luthor (Teen Titans Go!) Rupes Oberon | Steven Universe Villains | Daffy Duckzan Part 13 - Daffy Duck Leads Gentle Heart Lamb, Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon, and Ratigan to the Cats Daffy Duckzan Part 14 - Minnie Mouse Shows Daffy Duck to the Past/Pearl Krabs and Noble Heart Horse Misses Daffy Duck Leo | Bobby Lion | Origin Kurt | Nancy Claus | Cottontail Smith | Meatman | Wild Wild West Villains | The Tickler | Carl Grissom | Ms. Butterscotch, Johnny Test Emma Russell | Frostferatu | Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Villains | Stripe | Bull Sharkowski | Ophiuchus Sam | Witch Hazel | Grace | Lethal Weapons Villains | From 1990 to 1993, and again from 2011 to 2018, he was voiced by Jeff Bergman. Computer Virus | Mona Lethal | Mouse Queen | Powers/Skills Friends Cottontail Smith | Duck Dodgers Nolan Sorrento | Spike, Television Munya | The Conductor | Luther | Zizrar the Mole King | Cheesesteak | Sylvester | Lucille | Monty Butterworth | Wile E. Coyote | Mr. Rocky and Mugsy Sebastian | Shere Khan | Eris | That said, as with most of his fellow Looney Tunes, how mean he is depends on the era. Velma Green the Spider Queen, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Read More Mel's voice for Daffy at one point held the world record for the longest voice-acting of one animated character by his original voice actor: 52 years… Winter Stag | Catwoman | Mayor Phlegmming | V | Kludd | Mr. Mittens | Cecil Turtle | Shao Kahn | Future Mordecai | In almost all his appearances, he is the one who informs Duck Dodgers of new missions. Kent Mansley | Grover Dill | Ralph | Comments Add a Comment. Lemon Brook Lumpers | Swan Dancers Alpha | The Amazing World of Gumball Villains | Since 1996, he was voiced by the late Frank Gorshin. Penguins | Tasmanian Devil | Wiggy Jiggy Jed | NygmaTech (Frogmen) | From 1993 to 1997, he was voiced by the late Greg Burson. Yosemite Sam | Mr. Ross | Nom Nom | Max Eckhardt | Claudette Dupri | Two-Face (Batman vs. TMNT) | The Crusher | Jake Fratelli | Professor Ludwig Von Drake is a cartoon character created in 1961 by The Walt Disney Company.He was first introduced as the presenter (and singer of "The Spectrum Song") in the cartoon An Adventure in Color, part of the first episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on NBC.Said to be an uncle of Donald Duck, he is described as a scientist, lecturer, psychologist, and world traveler.

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