organizational process assets include all of the following except

As we started the project to develop PMI-ACP (Agile Practitioner) courseware, for organizational process assets, we leveraged our course book templates that are used for all of our course materials. Policies. 25. All of the below are inputs to Define Scope process EXCEPT: a. Organizational Process Assets include documentation that serves as an archive or repository of the company. Project presentation. Organizational process assets are an input to all of the following Stakeholder Management processes EXCEPT: A. Scope management is the set of processes which ensures that the requirements of the customer are captured in a specification of work that ensures the delivery of the project’s deliverables, that all the project work is done, and that only the work required to complete the project is done. Organizational process assets are an input to 38 of the 47 processes. These are all the rules and regulations that your organization follows while working on a project. B. Project Charter b. Organizational values and principles. This category includes all the tangible reusable assets that project teams can make use of, such as, Templates Identify Stakeholders B. Organizational process assets updates. Determining performance measures. Manage Stakeholder Engagement C. Plan Stakeholder Engagement D. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement. Collect requirements b. Organizational process assets IOPAs in luence the management of projects. An asset is something of value and the assets of a mature company are priceless. All af the following are external environmental factors EXCEPT: A Legal restrictions B. The first is for processes, policies and procedures for conducting work, which include the following: Policies Requirements Document c. Organizational process assets d. Project Management Plan; Project Charter is an input to all of the following processes EXCEPT: a. The organizational quality management system that includes policies, procedures and guidelines which respect to qualitiy (and which should be incorporated into the Qualitiy Management Plan). C. Competitive movements D. Economic conditions. Subject: Project Management Processes (19) This basically means how your organization performs the day-to-day work. Which one of the following best describes the important categories of OPAs? Stakeholder requirements, project scope statement, project budget,and project schedule. Many tools are used in a project for effective information distribution that includes all of the following EXCEPT: A. Turning over the product of the project. Closure includes all of the following EXCEPT: A. Organizational process assets can be divided into two categories. Example. Here are the organizational process assets that may be inputs to this process. C. Documenting the degree to which each project phase was properly closed after its completion D. Updating the company’s organizational process assets. a) Project communications. Procedures. Inputs to the Plan Communications Management process include: ... Project management plan, project documents,enterprise environmental factors,and organizational. 26. Organizational Process Assets. The organization’s infrastructure d. Marketplace conditions ANS: A Organizational process assets include formal and informal plans, policies, procedures, guidelines, information systems, financial systems, management systems, lessons learned, and historical information that can influence a … Define Scope c. Create WBS d. Develop Project Management Plan Some other examples include, Process. Once the project has ended, these organizational process assets can be stored in a central repository so that they can be used whenever required for any future projects. process assets. which type of Manage Communications Output? It took a long time, human and economic resources to achieve them. Show Answer

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