maxamet steel toughness

William Entenmann. Tool steel grades used in cutlery : A, D, O, M, T, S, L, W. See also AISI Tool Steel Grades. I'd never do this in the real world. Maxamet Para 3 continues day 35 update, you asked for it now what would you like to see? Probably. I would rate the toughness of VG-10 higher than 440C despite Dan’s ratings, and would probably score M390 a notch below where Dan has it based on its high carbide volume [3] and my own testing [4]. why there is no use of silicon in such steels instead of cobalt ? A2 is a tool steel renowned for toughness. That, in combination with the relatively low vanadium content, is probably why M42 has relatively good toughness. Doing some dumb cuttin' just to see what we can do. 534, pp. I haven’t provided a link to his article because I don’t think anyone should read it. Many of the descriptions of the steel types are questionable as well, such as, “D2 – An American made, but less expensive version of CPM S30V.”. It is a bit difficult to summarize within this article which already requires many words to evaluate the different rankings. The earliest of these was Crucible Rex 76, the patent of which was filed in 1972 [18]. That seems like enough examples of poor ratings of steel. Купити Ніж Spyderco Manix 2 Maxamet Steel (C101PGY2) 871320 в інтернет-магазині ІБІС - найкраща ціна в Україні - 6530 грн. Most of these experts have read enough of each others dubious articles to know the vocabulary but not the science. A similar effect was found to occur with molybdenum additions as well: You can read about the mechanism by which tungsten and molybdenum lead to increased hardness in that high tempering range in this article. However, the toughness of cemented carbide is very low and the cost is high. Deductive reasoning, almost like SCIENCE. I previously wrote about the effects of cobalt in this article. You can compare with micrographs of other steels in this article. Too much toughness can lead to a blade easily warped.”. Maxamet is a high carbide volume steel, ~22%. He says that manganese “[i]ncreases toughness and hardenability in non-stainless steels and helps to produce a fine, dense, grain structure in stainless steels by reducing the size of the Carbides.” It does not improve toughness or reduce the size of the carbides, and he doubles down on this later in the article by saying “A blades toughness is generally determined by the steel’s Manganese content,” which it certainly is not. This Native 5 model has a lightweight gray FRN handle and a full-flat ground Micro-Melt Maxamet alloy steel blade. on chipping and rolling of edges. While it is similar in composition to 440C, it neither withstands impact as well nor, does it take and hold as fine an edge and, it is not as corrosion resistant.”. Can you tell me what the rationale is for relating sharpness (their word) to secondary hardening? Cobalt was found to increase hardness after tempering. Looking forward to reading the updated version. 440C gets a higher rating than 440A for corrosion resistance despite the fact that 440A has better corrosion resistance because less chromium is tied up in carbides in 440A. Then he takes a left turn and says that chromium “increases the size of its crystals” which is not true. You can get secondary hardening without V or even without Mo/W but the most dramatic secondary hardening is seen with Mo/W. The ZDP has almost no vanadium, while the Maxamet has 6%. With the introduction of powder metallurgy it was possible to increase the vanadium content to offer a combination of very high wear resistance and hardness. The most well rounded steels like CPM-154 and 154CM create an even shape while a steel like CPM-3V is severe due to high toughness and lower scores in all other categories. [1] [5] Fletcher, S. G. and Wendell. This expression of the Para 3 combines all the defining qualities of this best-in-class folding knife design with the extreme edge retention and toughness of Maxamet blade steel. The Maxamet steel in considered as a “Super Steel”, So it’s a High-end Alloy steel, with an uncommon chemical composition, but I can say that the closest one to it is the CPM S110V (even if it’s stainless steel), in exception of wear resistance; the Maxamet is a great match for the S110v in edge retention, hardness, wear-resistance and price range which is between 100-200 Usd. I used the method described in this article to estimate the relative CATRA edge retention for each of these steels based on their carbide volume from Thermo-Calc. This shows how good Maxamet is at this one particular thing.

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