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4 years ago. If my wife were younger she said she would have made the career change. Rather than the other way around. Geographic flexibility isn't talked about much, but it's a serious advantage of being a PA. As a PA, finding a position nearly anywhere in the U.S. is fairly easy to do. But perhaps its self-selecting, maybe people who love working more than anything choose to be MDs. I would say it depends more on personality than occupation. Then being a real estate agent is NOT the job for you. There were many times in my career I would have said a resounding YES. I would say it can be a pretty stressful job, we are responsible for rendering a patient unconscious, taking away their ability to breath for themselves, making sure they are safely positioned before and during and after the surgery, maintain their hemodynamics, and wake them up comfortably at the end. No family right now but my co-pa has a wife and 4 kids and is plenty happy with the job. Not a lot of stress. There is a saying, "you dont know what you dont know." As a PA, you can decide where you want to live first, then look for jobs second. Coordinating care, dealing with pharmacy requests, insurance companies.... heh give me ER any day. Pro: Being appreciated I may get push back from this, but I also thinks it costs a female PA the ability to have kids due to the hours and inability to take time off. But so is crawling under drapes to check a foley or adjust a bump for a dr while they’re also requesting an instrument that’s not in your core/pod and by the time you get it they won’t need it anymore. I'm surprised that a PT said there is no money in it. My wife is a circulator for an ortho trauma team. So the way you manage your stress as a PA is not 'mindfulness', 'gratitude', and an annual beach vacation, it's by managing your time. Also, can’t dismiss that as an NP you still get to work. Other things to consider: will your BSN courses transfer to PA school prereqs? Simply put, being a doctor has become a miserable and humiliating undertaking. I’m a operating room RN strongly considering becoming a Physician Assistant/Medical Practitioner. I've been looking into becoming either an MD or a PA. I will never forget a wise coworker telling me exactly that toward the beginning of my first position. -The training to become a PA is so time / energy consuming that it has to be your full time job. I graduated with a bachelor's of science degree in Zoology. Especially with rude and angry patients. Spouse, hobbies, etc come second (not to say you won’t have time for them). Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you. Spouse, hobbies, etc come second (not to say you won’t have time for them). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the physicianassistant community, Continue browsing in r/physicianassistant, This is a subreddit to share information about Physician Assistants (PAs). For a sub that is specifically geared toward PA students, check out: r/PAstudent, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. But the pros outweigh the cons most days. Some make you want to scream and leave the room throwing papers. But when aspiring PAs imagine the future, they often think of the “bookends”—getting into PA school and working as a PA—and skip right over the part about being in PA school. This was in an average SNF. I got tired of the customer service part of healthcare. You can't do a sloppy job, it will come back and bite ya. Love my nocturnist gig, but it can get stressful when the overnight census is at 75 and you're dealing with silly pages all night. I’m interested in being a surgical PA, internal medicine (infectious disease or cardiology), geriatric medicine, psychiatry, or even wound care. It does get easier. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have tried throughout my career to find a doc that is not (what I call) a "more, more, more" surgeon, but I really don't think they exist anymore. Careers are more than that. PA: The work of a PA is more similar to that of a doctor than of a registered nurse. For a sub that is specifically geared towards pre-PAs, check out: r/prephysicianassistant. You can work in clinic-based medicine, no call, no rounds, no weekends, and pull in $90K per year. Being a provider, people look to you to make decisions quickly. Much rather have it be the nights when actual shit is hitting the fan. I would strongly suggest you shadow a PA in the areas you’re interested in before doing anything else. I like my job now, but that's because 1) I have autonomy, and 2) I work 32 hours a week. And I hate to say it but, despite the headlines of a "growing PA profession" and it being called one of the hottest jobs of the future, the actual job absolutely sucks. While we welcome prospective PAs, this sub is aimed primarily at working PAs. You can look at a job from afar, or even as a proximal observer, and think it might be appealing to you. Things that are stressful: -The training to become a PA is so time / energy consuming that it has to be your full time job. I don't feel stress. I would say some days are stressful but I love my job and my specialty. I do outpatient family medicine. ALOT! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. its different strokes for different folks. Have they expired? So how stressful is it from 1-10? While we welcome prospective PAs, this sub is aimed primarily at working PAs. I've read a lot about becoming a doctor (I'm interested in emergency medicine, if that even matters), and it seems extremely stressful. Clinic work is customer service. So I feel the good days outweigh the bad. It’s why I moved to the OR. Clinic more so than the OR. Map the timeline to becoming a PA be an NP and see what shakes down. Another career I have thought about is physical therapy, these are the two I have shadowed and still confused on. But you arent there making those decisions, dealing with those tasks and demands, and trying to solve those problems. This... is how someone comfortable in their own damn skin moves in a room. Low stress. While sonography pays well and certainly is far less stressful than being an RN, I don't think you can do much to 'move up' as a sonographer. It's too much and does not fit my personality at all. This sub is open to PAs, MD/DOs, NPs, Nurses, any other medical professional, or even the general public. The grass is greener syndrome. I currently work in urgent care I think the stress level is okay, but at certain times it can be really high. Indeed, many doctors feel that America has declared war on physicians—and both physicians and patients are … For me, being a PA aligns perfectly with what I am looking for in a medical career.” This answer is specific about why you want to be a PA, and also answers what might be asked later - “why not a nurse practitioner” or “why not a physician” questions. I think it depends on your specialty. Example 9: “I had a client once who was upset about a billing issue, and I was being talked to in a really negative way. Man every time I ask about certain professions just seems like every one hates their jobs. Becoming a PA was a great decision for me. Yeah, at times. While doctors and physician assistants perform many of the same duties, PAs have a greater focus on patient care. While working at the campus health center as a phlebotomist, I met a physician assistant. Like someone was recruiting for $165k/yr and they laughed and said they make more than that. PA is excellent choice (although as a PA, you will still have the stress of caring for someone; the training is a little less stressful as there is no residency). Not all patients will outwardly appreciate your hard work and dedication to their health. Being a PA is truly where life and medicine have found the perfect balance. But I’m worried about it possibly not being what I think it is. 2. Surgery is pretty stressful- call, long hours, and most surgeons think very highly of themselves. 7. It troublesome if I encounter the occasional angry patient or when I see a bunch of new labs I gotta go over. Some patients are better than others. I strongly dislike when I have to care for abusive or entitled family/patients for 12 hours a time. I don't feel stress. Think about your career as a whole and what trajectory you would like it to take. This sub is open to PAs, MD/DOs, NPs, Nurses, any other medical professional, or even the general public. If you decide to go to PA school and become a PA you'll find out just what I'm talking about. Taking call, working 50+ hours per week when not on call and 60+ when on call,. Ironically, the more responsibility you have the less you can escape customer service.

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