integrity performance review phrases

Beth always thinks outside of the box. If no matching phrase is found, you can also see a general list of performance review phrases and choose a more appropriate skill. Here are some phrases that may help you recognize your employee’s achievements as during their performance reviews: “Sets well-thought-out goals and continuously strives to achieve them”. Is calm under pressure 5. Signing does not mean that the employee necessarily agrees with the contents. If something at work goes wrong, she blames her co-workers for the mistake, even if it caused by her. He has never sacrificed his beliefs for money. 100 Performance Review Example Phrases. Do you follow the company’s ethical policies? However, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate quality of work with suitable words and expressions. Employee Appraisal Phrases: Reliability, Dependability, Integrity. Specific deficiencies are required to be noted in Section D and/or in a signed and dated attachment by evaluator. Keep to my word on all matters. 8. All employees must sign their performance appraisal to show they have read it. 2) Prompt and on time for the start of each workday. It is closely associated with honesty, responsibility, self-awareness and self-discipline. Jen doesn’t care about the company’s bottom line. Everyone in the company always looks up to John. She is not trustworthy anymore. Jennifer always puts her work above and beyond everything else when in the office – she uses her time wisely. • Everyone values your honesty and good faith. He never shares the information unless he is given permission to do so. Annie works well with anyone in the company, even those that she may not choose to work with on a daily basis. She believes that integrity is the key to success. Can be depended upon to complete their work. Along with that he has integrity and honesty. She does not want to let down other employees in her department. Ethical issues in the workplace have always been important. The most effective way to create a culture of integrity and ethical behavior is to behave with professional integrity. He doesn’t take the company’s image into account when operating during work hours. Sally avoids gossip throughout the office and always tries to stop the spread of it when she is aware of it. Sally’s motives are often less than trustworthy. Dylan always asks questions when he doesn’t understand something rather than trying to figure it out on his own and take the risk of doing it wrong. Joe has been warned about making mistakes in his work before. What do you do to recognize and celebrate your team’s success? Abigail violates our ethical guidelines by ignoring the company’s procedures and policies. Emily always follows the company’s rules and makes sure that everyone else is too. He has to become more open and honest. My break times are well planned and do not exceed the allotted time. Jane always researches the work necessary before starting so that she can address any questions or concerns early on in the process. Robert builds trust inside the team through honest and open communication. Chase doesn’t share important information with is co-workers that could help them do their job better. A person with integrity acts with honesty, honor, and truthfulness. Oliver always keeps his word. Olivia often withholds important facts from management, which leads to mistakes and may uncover potential lies. And of course for other core competency descriptors, look no farther than The Performance Appraisal Tool Kit or Paul Falcone’s bestselling 2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews. Nathan has been engaged in questionable behaviors multiple times. On a new working day, she brings many creative ideas for the project. She will never betray her principles. Josh doesn’t put 100% effort into his job. I am a reliable employee who arrives on-time and leaves on-time. With strong feedback on employee appraisal forms, you can prevent unethical behaviors from expanding and contaminating your company. Tara is great at negotiating, which always helps the company’s bottom line. Aaron follows ethical business practices without any exclusions or exceptions. But even more than this, he is a man of true integrity and compassion. Embellish or overstate my contribution to seem more valuable to the team. Fred only does the bare minimum required each day – he rarely asks co-workers if they need help. Jason does not respect the company’s ethical policy. This article includes information about performance review phrases integrity. The phrases are organized by the different skills, attributes and aspects of performance that are commonly covered in reviews. Marcia treats everyone with the same respect regardless of position, gender, or race. He has to become more professional and stop mixing personal life with work. Sharing feedback about someone you work with every day, who you may be friends with, is tricky – especially when the feedback is constructive. Therefore, this characteristic may benefit any business considerably, improving and maintaining its spotless reputation. John’s work ethic is less than optimal. Is a well-versed team player capable of handling a variety of assignments 4. The yearly review should mention this skill in evaluating a staff by using performance review phrases which show the positive qualifications of a staff when communicating with other members as well as customers.

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