how to use the wyze scale

The Wyze Scale calculates body composition using bioimpedance (passing a small electric current through your body). Only use the scale on a hard, flat surface. Can I export my Wyze Scale data? The Wyze Scale has a glass top with a square logo in the center and a white on black LCD display at the top. Tap on a specific data point to see all of your recorded measurements from that day. Even Wyze has a very strict quality control process, it is inevitable to deliver a few defective products. NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT if you have an implanted medical device (such as a pacemaker or other device). As with the other scales we reviewed, the app works with Google Fit, Apple Health, and other popular fitness apps. Wyze will always honor free replacement and shipping. Tap Week, Month, or Year to see your data over time. Here’s the good news: in two months of use, I haven’t had any major issues with the Wyze Scale syncing. If you step on the scale with socks and/or shoes on, the Wyze Scale will only be able to measure your weight. To set up your Alexa integration, you need to enable the Wyze Skill.When you add the Wyze Skill to your Amazon device, you can then use voice commands with your Wyze Devices. Carpets and rugs can affect the calibration of your Wyze Scale, giving you inaccurate measurements. The load cells and sensors are precise components, which could be damaged during transportation, bumps or any improper maintenance. How long should the batteries in the scale last? To take your other body composition measurements (ex. Wyze Scale FAQ. I recently purchased a Wyze scale and was able to sync the Wyze app it with the Fitbit App, but it stopped syncing this past weekend. Wyze Band is 5ATM rated, which means it is tested to be water-proof when placed underwater up to 50 meters (164ft) for 10 minutes. Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) , or body impedance, sends a weak electric current through your body to estimate your body composition. The Wyze skill is compatible with the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and more. What is the age range? See more info in our support article about Wyze Band water resistance. What batteries does the Wyze Scale use? Tap the list icon on the top right to see your History. The details you added while setting up the scale are combined with BIA to calculate each measurement besides weight. The base is black plastic with large rubber feet and a battery compartment. To use this feature: Open the Wyze app and tap Wyze Scale > Trend. In order to begin syncing again, I had to revoke permissions and then re-instae them. Wyze Scale can measure the 12 body composition metrics below. I’ve tried a few different smart scales, and the long and short comes down to one simple fact: I usually end up just using them for weight because I’ve had too many sync issues with Bluetooth. Wyze makes an affordable smart scale that tracks all the same things more expensive smart scales track. Wyze Band is good for showering or swimming, but not recommended for diving or intensive water sports. body fat %, water %) you will need to step on the scale with both feet while barefoot. How many scales can I add to my Wyze account? See all 24 articles Wyze Scale Troubleshooting. Place your Wyze Scale on a hard, flat surface like tile or hardwood flooring before use. Wyze devices can be integrated with Amazon Alexa to help you control your devices. How Does it Work? Seems like a cludgy work around. Wyze Scale is a precision measurement equipment. Can I use the Wyze Scale with shoes on? It connects to app through Bluetooth to sync your weight, BMI, heart rate, protein level, visceral fat, and more. No. Using the Wyze Scale Michael Crider. How do I update my Wyze Scale firmware?

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