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If you’re lucky, it’s also the only way to miraculously dry your clothes before dawn. To the north lie the Mounts Bakra. French Guiana consists of two main geographical regions: a coastal strip where the majority of the people live, and dense, near-inaccessible rainforest which gradually rises to the modest peaks of the Tumac-Humac mountains along the Brazilian frontier. But I am not as tall as him and have disappeared beneath the equipment. French Guiana is located in Northern South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname. For this reason, pirogue would be difficult to use to transport all the equipment needed for a scientific expedition of this scale up the narrow creeks. French Guiana borders two countries: Surinam to the west, and Brazil to the east and south. Geographical and historical treatment of French Guiana, overseas territorial collectivity of France, situated on the northeastern coast of South America. It is in the Pyrénées National Park. French Guiana (/ ɡ i ˈ ɑː n ə / or / ɡ i ˈ æ n ə /; French: Guyane) is an overseas department and region of France on the northern Atlantic coast of South America in the Guianas.It borders Brazil to the east and south and Suriname to the west. “Ferns are found especially in sub-mountain forests. During a previous mission thirty years ago, Jean-Jacques de Granville and Georges Cremers collected an impressive number of species in this region, but during the dry season. In the tradition of nature prospecting missions, they look for and collect species of plants by roaming over the entire massif. Their mission is to collect insects from as many different altimetric and environmental conditions as possible, from the top of the canopy* right down to ground level. The mountain slopes are freed from this unusual human presence. The highest point in the state of Amapá is located there, reaching 701 meters (2,300 ft).[2]. Bellevue de l'Inini is situated 4 km northeast of Montagnes Bellevue de l'Inini. Every night, therefore, Maël, Margot, Vincent, and Nicolas take it in turns to set up 10 12m-long nets spaced at 200m intervals of altitude in accordance with a well-established protocol. Nicolas, the Ecology Officer with the Amazon Park of French Guiana, emerges above the boxes, tin drums, and backpacks piled up in the cockpit around us with a smile on his face. It might be a black-bearded saki. 762 m. Ɨwɨtãsĩ/ Mont Saint-Marcel. within 160 km. The Maroni (Dutch: Marowijne) forms the entire (disputed) border between Suriname and French Guiana, and the Oyapock (Portuguese: Oiapoque) most of the border between French Guiana and Brazil. Name Elevation Latitude/Longitude; Countries » French Guiana » Administrative Division Feature Statistic Largest Cities Highest Mountains Other Country Names Postal codes . 57 peaks. I can observe the SEAG (Société Entomologique Antilles-Guyane) team in action. The highest mountain in French Guiana is Bellevue de I’Lnini at around 850 meters. Michel is fifty-something, a geologist by training, and doesn’t look like a “bushman”, but he is captivating when explaining the world of plants, especially the world of ferns. 20/20 I love my French neighbours <3 It was very easy though, maybe the Monaco question could be expanded to the '3 smallest countries' Lux, And, Mon. Evening is the ideal time for talking to other members of the expedition. Another shot rings out, a branch falls to the ground, and Daniel victoriously holds his trophy aloft – a leafy branch. In Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana, the lowest temperature recorded throughout the year was 72 and the highest recorded temperature was 90. Hiking info, trail maps, and trip reports from Bellevue de l'Inini (851 m) in French Guiana. © 2007 - 2021 | Boukan & Une Saison en Guyane.Tous droits réservés. French Guiana is also home and launch pad for the European Space Agency. colombia capital city. En vous identifiant, nous pourrez devenir rédacteur pour proposer des articles, et discuter dans les forums de Une saison en Guyane…, Vous ne retrouvez plus votre mot de passe ou votre identifiant de connexion ? The team sometimes gets up to some rather surprising things in the forest in the name of science. They take numerous samples of plants, concentrating intensely the entire time. You can experience these unique cultural and environmental differences as you discover everything from “French” wines and hot curry dishes to magnificent waterfalls and mangrove swamps. The chiropterologists are another surprising team on this expedition. Olivier, who heads the Ecobios team, points out another granitic outcrop a bit further off. Whilst the final helicopter waits, people begin to worry – we all know how dangerous the slippery forest trails can be. Other possible down hill rides or mountain bike excursions include Mont Favard, Pic Coudreau, Mont Machalou and Montagne du Mahury, all from 150 to 800 meters tall. Olivier, Guillaume, and Michel follow the path through this fantastic landscape. You should plan to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts during your visit because of the warm weather. The difficulties with French Guiana begin with trying to ... its highest legal authority is the Court of ... originally been lodged in the chemical structures of the seas and mountains. Site co-financed by the European Union.Europe engaged in French Guyana with the FEDER. Over the course of the night, the heat dries out the leaves flattened between boxes and newspaper, turning them into real “herbarium specimens”. In the heart of the Amazonian Park of French Guiana, there was no way that it was somebody hunting a tapir for supper. “It took us just over two hours to reach the summit,” shouts Nicolas as the helicopter blades disappear in a growing roar. They are geographically important because they form the divide between the biogeographical system of the Amazon Basin and that of the Atlantic coastal area of the Guianas. By the light of our head lamps, over our tinned cassoulet and a glass of ti-punch, we share our discoveries, talking about the sites that have been inventoried and those which still need to be prospected. One morning, when several teams were already at work, a gunshot rang out a few metres away. Overview. The highest point in Brazil is Neblina Peak, which reaches 9,888 feet … Family: Family ties are important due to the historic Catholic influence. Historically, the French Guiana is more popular for the infamous Devil’s Island, a penal colony of France, and the hardships that were inflicted to the prisoners arriving here from the French mainland. Highest peak. Georgetown. I go over and see one of the IRD-AMAP “botany and bioinformatics of plant architecture” team members, Daniel, pointing his rifle rather curiously up at the canopy. Being alone encourages you to listen. There is something magical about walking on your own through a rainforest. Both the Maroni and Oyapock rivers originate in the Tumuk Humak Mountains. During my short stay, I have been able to observe an impressive range of primates. The Tumuk Humak Mountains (Dutch: Toemoek-Hoemakgebergte, Portuguese: Serra do Tumucumaque, French: Monts Tumuc Humac) are a mountain range in South America, stretching about 120 kilometers (75 mi) east–west in the border area between Brazil in the south and Suriname and French Guiana in … For thousands of years, Amerindians roamed this region. The teams decide to meet up there later on. It will therefore take a few perilous helicopter manoeuvres before we can set up camp on the slopes of the mountain. The Atachi-Bakka mountains form a broad plateau oriented north-west/south-east, which extends for almost 6 km. This group of enthusiastic scientists has developed some surprising techniques to catch insects. Forested mesas and mountain ranges, scenic waterfalls, and white-water rivers characterize the area. French Guiana is the only territory of the mainland Americas to have full integration in a European country. Everybody packs up camp and the helicopter trips begin once more. Going by the rather splendid name of Ruptiliocarpon caracolito, this species was – up until now – only known in Central America and the Andes, and possibly in Surinam. Olivier, an ecologist with a consultancy in French Guiana, Ecobios, adds that: “It is an important initial state, the zero state of present species”. French Guiana - Highest Mountains. Occasionally the mountain changes its altitude, but rather insignificantly: its current official height is 8,848 as recognised since 8 April 2010, but after the 2015 earthquake it has reduced by 2,54 centimetres. The Tumuk Humak plateau is covered primarily with lowland and plateau forests. French Guiana is the best place to enjoy Caribbean music and the Carnival while drinking coffee at a … Montagne Favard. Having explained this, Daniel disappears into the undergrowth, along with Jean-François and Michel T.. For a moment, it is as if the stories of Pagnol have been transferred from the South of France to French Guiana. Most of the population live in the mountains, near capital city. French Guiana is bounded by Brazil to the south and east, Suriname to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast. On the Sommet Tabulaire, nearly 40 species of chiroptera were identified out of about 102 found in French Guiana. Tchoukouchipann. The spot is perfectly preserved and home to baboons, spider monkeys, tamarins, capuchins, and this elusive black-bearded saki. Bellevue de l'Inini. Guiana, Suriname and French Guiana, known as the “Three G’s”, occupy the least-explored region of South America, a northwest corner that is home to a melting pot of cultures and vast unspoiled tracts of nature. The only visible human traces nowadays are those left by the scarred trunks of balata trees. Created in 2002, it is Brazil's largest national park and the world's largest protected tropical forest. As the Rochambeau runaway recedes into the distance, I can no longer feel anything in my right leg. Vous pouvez aussi vous abonner sans commenter. What is French Guiana famous for? Its climate is split between tropical rainforest and tropical monsoon. At that altitude, despite the “short March summer”, the peak is shrouded in cloud for most of the day. The highlands are made of ancient sedimentary rock that is over two billion years old and are some of the oldest sedimentary rocks on the planet. Situated between Saül and the Brazilian border, halfway between Camopi and Maripasoula, Mount Itoupé (unlike its larger brother Mount Inini) is not on the path of a great river but instead lies on the boundary between two river basins, with that of the Camopi to the east and the Waki to the west. Brazil shares the rugged Guiana Highlands with Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The area encompasses the Kinabalu montane alpine meadows ecoregion and plays home to roughly 5,000 species of plans, 326 species of birds and more than 100 different types of mammals. The Daisetsu Mountain Range, the largest chain of mountains in Japan (in terms of total area) Mt. Just before reaching the summit, I stop and wait, sitting on a log. The AMAP research team, which works in various places around the world, from New Caledonia to the norm, also works in French Guiana where they manage the Herbarium of French Guiana. In the cities and towns, French class is impressed on traditional South American style. Some new species for French Guiana have already been identified, however – some of which were only previously known to be present in the foothills of the Andes. He finally appears on the edge of the forest, muddy but victorious, and jumps into the cockpit at the last minute carrying a frond with two fruits on it. As the epic nature of this scientific mission is showing, Itoupé is the most inaccessible mountain massif in French Guiana. The pond and its highly unusual water conditions promise some interesting discoveries. The higher elevations on the region are called the Guiana Highlands, which is where there are mesas or "table" mountains called tepuis First settled by the French in 1604, French Guiana was the site of notorious penal settlements until 1951. As for the pilot of the Écureuil, he is responsible for the tricky mission of delivering chainsaws in a net at the end of a long sling, like some fantastic sword of Damocles dangling above the canopy*. In this way, the “first nature mission in the Amazonian Park of French Guyana” has been set up, able to provide global understanding of the systems within the park. Bellevue de l'Inini is the highest point of French Guiana, an overseas department of France, with an altitude of 851 metres (2,792 ft). info@geonames.org . At that altitude, despite the “short March summer”, the … It doesn’t matter, however, as the excitement of taking part in this outstanding mission and the sight of the forest hurtling past at over 120mph soon make me forget the weight of the boxes, filled with supplies for the team.

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