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In this article, I will analyse the most outstanding eCommerce About Us page examples to help you learn the lesson behind: How Shopify About Us pages really increase eCommerce conversion rates. With a low key presentation of your achievements, you encourage users to trust you, which, in turn, increases conversion rates. What seems to be just another page in your sitemap, probably accessible through your header and/or footer, is actually one of your most compelling pieces of content. The brand messaging is all about their community of creatives, and they even show artwork done by their community members as the site imagery. Oh Twitter, how do we love thee? It’s simple on the one hand, and super cutting-edge on the other hand. Joe Payton. We party together, work together, hang out together, and so on. Brand storytelling, both in words and in design, is such a powerful tool for business and community prosperity. Show the company’s accomplishments to enhance user trust. Where are they in their buying process? The bright pink background, including its low transparency pattern, makes an immediate ‘statement’ of “we’re different, come get to know us.”. Since their job is to prove their expertise in animated illustrations, GIPHY does a great job of telling their story by showing all sorts of animated effects that are sophisticated, playful, and creative all the same. Your email address will not be published. As you can tell, we love the inspiring examples we’ve just listed above. Join 2,630,128 subscribers who stay ahead of the pack. The next genius technique dribbble uses is showing a “designer story”, of famed designer Pablo Stanley. Your business ‘About Us’ page is your story. Salsa is an online clothing store. Pre-writing questions: Before starting any given page, you really need to wrap your heads around the primary goal of the page and to whom this page is targeted. Feather and Stone relies heavily on these illustrations to express their uniqueness. Whether you need help in layout design or page scrolling, you’ll find it easy to create an interactive page with Mockplus’ 200 built-in components. Yes, we’re talking about your website’s About Us page. But not only that, they dive right into the UI of each feature, so the visitor already gets a taste of what the product experience is about. What touched our design soft spot on this page is the way they use their color scheme as their secret weapon. In the end, it’s our approach to telling a compelling and human story about our inner-why.”. Do not include lengthy information which does not add practical value. Starbucks' "about us" page is very simple. There are many elements that we could point to on GONG’s About page which represent just how creative their page design is. Hi Brandon, Pixelgrade actually used a cool CSS trickery, a sophisticated CSS technique that advances one keyframe at a time. You need to think of the team and the product as a whole in order to present a unique style imbued with personality that will make your design stand out in a user’s mind. Similar to dribbble, Medium’s About page showcases real articles (instead of artwork, like on dribbble’s site) written by real Medium users. The dramatic costumes and photo backdrop gives each teammate character and artistic value. If there’s such a thing as the best way to demonstrate your user experience, Medium has nailed it. Offer your visitors informati… WP Standard’s About Us page is almost like a lookbook with a minimal amount of copy or details about its origin. Responsive Bootstrap About Us Page Template MEET OUR TEAM. These statistics considered – are you paying enough attention to your About Us page? So don’t hesitate to post those social media links and call attention to them in your About Us content. I love the Pixelgrade page. This “about us” page is dominated by grey tones, it clearly shows us the company's brand story, value, and real data support. Below the image is specific website data: the current total number of blogs and posts. Unlike other company’s About pages that show real images of their team members (both individual headshots and candid photos of team members working together), Atlassian shows very few of these imagery types. In- house content editor, specialize in SEO content writing. This brushstroke effect is highly unique and creative, and each project’s color scheme matches the brush strokes around it perfectly. Tumblr's "about us" page is standardized, with attention-grabbing rotating images behind a logo. Great post. Just fill in the brackets with your company's information and you'll have a professional About Us page written in minutes. Yet, instead of alternating only the colors, they alternate the “definitions” they’re providing for “what Zendesk isn’t”. Their About page is built to look exactly like their publication pages. Display real photos of the team and individual members. You're not like everyone else -- so tell the world what makes you unique! Pawel’s page is a great example of a creative way to find the right balance between text and images on a website. Please share below your experiences with creating ‘About Us’ pages and how they have helped you generate business. Because a lot of people go to his website… By giving users a choice, Sulzer’s “about page” becomes more effective. We are not just a team, we are a family. Furthermore, the blue CTA stands out as you scroll down the page. These imaginative drawings are not only stylish but also add a personal touch. The reader really experiences what the brand stands for, and what experience they provide to its users. HUMAAN’s About page is all about their people. Each section, which talks about their brand values shows a different section of their office (and each section is designed immaculately, obviously.). How to write your "About Us" page. You can probably think of hundreds of things you want people to know, from your history to your successes to your values, but cramming all of that information on one page is overwhelming for you and your visitors. If you are unsure on how to design an effective “about us” page, take a look at these 18 examples and find out what makes them tick. Once your content is generated, you’ll be able to tweak … In some ways, it’s actually more appropriate to refer to this type of page as “Our Brand Story,” or if you want another alternative, “Our Identity.” We like the first one better, but they’re both pretty accurate. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your About Us pages and how you continue to design them later on! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You only need a simple and easy-to-use prototyping tool to help you get it done. What’s their pain? This is true for a few reasons. User Agreement ; exclusively real images (no stock photos), used often throughout their branding. All they needed to add to their vast white space with large black font is the colorful GIF illustrations that set a friendly casual tone for visitors. … This is why having a text-only About page is a wonderful way to complement such an image-focused website. The way G2 communicates their content is another strategic success, asking the visitor questions in the headings (that the text answers in the next paragraph), creating a passive dialogue with the reader as you scroll down the page. The clearer your brand’s messaging and content is, the bigger your impact on visitors will be, even if you keep your content on the short side. Next off, the way Medium illustrates their brand values (after they’ve made it clear that their entire product is built around their community of readers and writers) is a creative masterpiece. We also made room for each teammate to be on stage in an authentic and meaningful way. Figure Out Everything Your Page Will Include. Designing the best user experience. We have a lot more where that came from! Major points for originality. An About Us page helps your company make a good first impression, and is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. What Should an About Us Page Include? This design for Rook keeps things super … There is a good selection here: good job! As an extra note, I really like when the “about” is centered on the team rather than the company or their mission statement. Update Regularly. The "about" page is typically an afterthought. As you scroll down, HUMAAN takes a spin on your typical ‘Our Team’ section design as each employee’s photo is a GIF of them doing something recreational, be it blowing bubbles or playing with a Rubik’s cube. There’s absolutely no way to leave this About page being confused or unsure of what Medium’s brand is all about. Every "about us" page exists to let users know about the company and what they do. We like to believe that we succeed to start the narrative and a conversation that can lead us far.

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