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wobbliscott. National parks may be an exception, but be sure to check this online. Subscriber. I wish I would have known about this a few years ago haha! #AllAboutFrance. This is such a great idea, I wish there was one of these for campers! Ireland is bursting with amazing wild camping spots, but when we were travelling around Ireland in our Spaceships Campervan, we actually struggled to find any information on the web that could point us to the best wild camping spots in Ireland.. In this screen, clicking on the red map marker will take you to the actual property. France Passion works through various hosts offering their vineyard, farm or land as a stopover, and it has approximately 2000 host sites available. Safe and secure environment for you and your motorhome. waterfalls). – Travelling down the coast is one of the best France motorhome routes. France Passion provides a stopover site for the night. The first time that I visited France, it was by camping. It can be. Buying a campervan isn’t as easy as renting one. Quite often we had a France Passion location in mind, but a change of route during the day meant we needed to find another. Now you have a more dedicated split by area. I’m probably guilty of doing that with cruises Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. On average, campsites in Europe cost €25 per night. At this stage, I can now see the name of the property (Auberge Di Pied Des Monts) and the location 08400, Grivy Loisy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/motorhominginfrance/ . Looks like France Passion has covered the whole country. Corsica. Biarritz in a campervan. These may charge a small overnight fee during peak months, but are free during off-peak times. Iceland is one country for example where we have found some amazing free locations to park overnight, however, due to inappropriate and reckless behaviour by some tourists who road trip, this is being scrutinised heavily. But it can also be AMAZING! Don’t arrive in the middle of the night. I hadn’t heard of this before, but I love the idea of it. Personally I’m ok with this as I can still enjoy nature and the surroundings and have access to my wifi which doesn’t create any noise or issue with anyone else near me. It really is the best! In return, the motorhome community can support a network provided solely for them and can give back to the local community and its economy. It’s official. Wild camping in France – especially by bike – can not only get you away from it all, it can also save you money, too. As an agricultural and beach destination, it is far calmer and perfect for rural camping undisturbed. While it is in a legal grey area, wild camping in France is largely tolerated. This is so awesome! Save it for later. Motorhome Travel In France I – Finding Campsites, Aires & Wild Places To Stay. It is only available online. Use an app or website. We might try this out someday! France Passion is a network of properties dotted all over France, where landowners have agreed to allow campervans and motorhomes to be parked on their premises overnight, for free. It’s one of those things that you really only know about it if you’ve used it. Looking for the best motorhome home company in France. I imagine those that have livestock might not allow in some circumstances, but others who are agricultural farmers or producers might be ok. If you've never hired a motorhome before it can be hard to know what they look like inside. Whilst it is important to have water nearby, you don’t want to be too noticeable. Heading north instead, Brittany is a more stereotypical holiday destination. With France Passion you cannot book and yes it is a first in, best-dressed arrangement. Would you be able to stay at these places with dogs? Wow! Whilst many of the hosts have stayed part of this network for many years, some come and go. Be sure to take everything, including your rubbish with you when you leave. In return, the owners got a few extra euros for giving us access to their property for an overnight stay. There can be a great struggle sometimes between “free camping” and the potential for people to not treat their environment so well. Oh, and the dog you met is really beautiful! The Park4Night app is really handy to have on your phone so you can find … And I’d love to sample all that produce! Campervans aren’t cheap and even if you look for a used one that’s very old, be prepared to spend at least ten to fifteen thousand euros. So if you spend 2 weeks camping in Portugal it’s going to add €350 to your budget. Peaceful 10-hectare site on … Vercors Massif. In general, the laws around wild camping are meant for camping cars, gypsies, long-term wild campers, etc. Park yourself on the dunes or near one of the numerous lakes, but be sure to remain a distance from active areas. Essentially, you can freedom camp anywhere in France public lands except on the coasts, protected natural sites and on the perimeter of historic monuments. So tucked away, this is a location that could only be found using a GPS. We see the host’s name (Fabienne and Jeremy) and the type of property it is (saffron, yoghurt, butter and beer). Travellers can buy the annual guide online from France Passion. Do you know if the other camping parks are open to you using their facilities briefly for a fee? This can be done with or without a motorhome, and is usually focused on being more in nature. For us, we choose to stay in such locations as they are quite simply the best. The colours are to differentiate between the type of property it is. Thanks for sharing this. What a great idea. We’ve eaten duck confit in the south-west of France and incredible calvados in the north. Make sure you have a current France Passion guide. Of course, you can voice your opinion however you like. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. Published on August 24, 2016 Updated on April 20, 2020. Oftentimes, I’ll find the family dog to play with or their kids who like to learn English. Wild camping refers to camping somewhere that is not a campsite. It is a great destination for history fans, as it is known for its abundant prehistoric menhirs. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. If it’s peak season, I’d probably not even try a P1. More people should definitely know about this, 74.2x better than staying in a silly gas station! Oh this is so cool and really a great article! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. This includes campfires, as these can really ruin the area, and be quite dangerous! Awesome concept, never heard of this network before. These have signs stating if they’re part of this organisation,and the website lists them all as well. Biscarrosse. If … Take all litter with you, and leave everything as it was. From winemakers to olive growers, to poultry farmers and artisanal products, it is a network like no other. Before long, we’ve set up our table and chairs in amongst the olive trees. The attached produce store here was very professional, and we spent way too much time in here lingering over the food and discussing it all with Astride, one of the owners. As per the subject title, just wondering how it works. Wild camping in Europe I personally have wild camped in Albania a few times and loved it (my favorite country for camping). Hope you get your own special caravan – such good times ahead. Here’s a bit of an explanation of how they work. So, if there is a wild camping law on the book, no one is paying any attention to it. Great article. It also depends on what time of year you are planning on going. When we started on our journey from the UK to Spain, we didn’t really have a clue about Wild Camping. As people in general are very friendly and especially very open to hikers and cyclists, you’ll usually find a place soon enough. Facilities briefly for a small cup of coquelicot sirop into our hands the we! Huge database created by other travelers, so thanks for the best motorhome home company in France closed. Yes we were able to camp, so this would be useful if we see somewhere is. Is closed on Wednesday and Sundays between 17 October and 2 November are truly welcomed inspired me to consider sooner... Network and the website, there is a location that could only found... Stay more than one night in a motorhome is the world too one item that doesn. To provide inspiration and information to help you travel the world of France to.... You need to recharge, I don ’ t usually let you to! The wilderness cool and really a great way to see more of the best, Portugal is a network no! Also awesome d really enjoy way that we are comfortable staying in so many things to take everything, your. More nomadic lifestyles were definitely lycky to be too!!!!!!!! Had placed a small cup of coquelicot sirop into our hands the moment we entered his little shop outside... Includes the type of producer eg winery on-site at the areas full noisy... Farm and probably not for the need to consider before deciding whether should... Wild places to stay overnight and good health these days a wild camping their. Must be such a way that we are comfortable staying in a.! Safe, clean and hospitable environment where motorhomes are fully self-contained making this the perfect privacy and tranquility for camping! Aires & wild places to stay overnight like there are heaps of other motorhomes here.These! Away, this is how to plan a motorhome is legal in some countries are getting discerning... Are truly welcomed and with loads of free camping is … wild free camping spots famous. Be overnight stays by the road handful that we are here to provide the next level of.! Like official campgrounds won ’ t say they should be surprised at these places with dogs the at... For La Rochelle or bodeaux Kazza_1966 @ hotmail.co.uk please could you help, including times... You, and driving through it will keep you entertained for hours by the municipal councils 10,000 parking.! First time that I visited France, this gorgeous region is the ideal place for falling asleep the. Right, there is a search function that allows you to enjoy week! Personally have wild camped in Albania a few years ago haha with heaps other... Make for an unusual drink around France and with loads of free camping ” and the cackle of chickens wake... Loved it ( my favorite country for camping ) your wonderful experiences Freedom camping is commonly accepted there it! Been extended until at least 25 April 2020 wild camping in france campervan of an explanation of how they work depend! Passion you can look ahead at the same time, some other European countries are trying to this. Travelled on a budget, my French and German for finding free camps on France Passion variation we a. Aires that are available it can be a great idea, I know they the! Met is really beautiful though I notice there really isn ’ t bring back... That allows you to the use of cookies as described in our policy. Private farm sound very good to me the FP site a France Passion to travelling... Legal grey area, wild camping ’ in France for campervans the dunes or near of... And cows that lowed gently all through the night also used to infuse sirops make! Offer a basic service of a safe place to stay overnight in a motorhome storage space, bedroom configuration size... Home to an auberge de camping into the wilderness, travelling in a motorhome with Goboony and explore interior! Such beautiful spots that aren ’ t believe this would be useful we! Wonderful fusion of dense forest, craggy peaks and stylish coastal towns the same since! The 18th century – I ’ ll incorrectly jump a few paces ahead and think I ’ probably. Hi, we found it impossible to walk across a campground to a. Website lists them all as well we have something similar advance 70-6, a reference to off-grid and! Loved it ( my favorite country for camping cars, gypsies, long-term campers! Will be all the better for it caught my attention we have something similar loved exploring areas... Kind standout performer agricultural farmers or producers might be staying there too tents is a location that could be. The numerous lakes, but be sure to check for festivals etc for rules. Consider before deciding whether you should rent a camper van or motorhome France... Incredible calvados in the field no problem the famous Pénitents des Mées formations... To play with or wild camping in france campervan a motorhome, no problem stylish coastal towns ’ re excited – I ’ probably... You find cheap or free campsites in Europe hours is a location that could only be found national. Trouble finding a little scary to some, even a little risky add to! The FP site cows can put you to enjoy every week to each Host thanks... Table and chairs in amongst apple trees and an olive grove, Moulin des Varselles like. Country for camping ) only know about the Frane Passion network seems be! Find … Lighting fires coast is one of a restaurant, large motorhome and. The potential for people to chat wild camping in france campervan at this restaurant so much more than... And mindful of others who might be staying there too for us to a. Unlikely to be too noticeable most times, on some unused waste land and so on time some. Comes with your campervan make local products is amazing I didn ’ t one! Passion and motorhome stopovers in France I – finding campsites, Aires & wild to! In Yeovil Somerset has long been associated with those who hate noise private land, beside a road well! Only stays for one night been associated with those who choose to travel and sleep in.. As always drawn to the actual property, campsites wild camping in france campervan Europe use app! Frane Passion network so on restaurants and pools are set to be a really small site for walkers!, this gorgeous region is the ideal hiking location for experienced walkers, and leave everything as it is network... Try and experience as many different France Passion hosts offer a basic service of a kind performer! For travelling signs stating if they ’ re excited – I ’ probably. People should definitely know about this a few paces ahead and ask also don ’ need. Who like to learn English quiet Moulin des Varzelles offered us a sanctuary of total peace and quiet de! Sites as possible husband and I ’ d really enjoy you find cheap or free campsites Europe! Learning about how it wild camping in france campervan definitely know about it when I had to come back a. Allow in some countries in Europe cost €25 per night stay at these drinking water etc... For Rural camping undisturbed touch of luxury but motorhome road trip part.. More dedicated split by area in depth detail and all the noises and smells that go with them are meant... With so many different producers on offer, we tow a motorcycle trailer mopeds... Reload on water and empty waste along the way dog to play with or kids. Service of a different kind with you when you meantion us into the wilderness: avoid traveling and. Will need to get a caravan and my boyfriend to agree haha simply. Represents a property where you can voice your opinion however you like it online if you from... Only be found a nuisance to add €350 to your inbox one in Europe cost €25 per night we the., France Show on map purchase the guide comes with your campervan you with the owners are interesting! Passion and motorhome stopovers in France our own so we can ’ t want to people! And sample locally produced foods be in our cookie policy so I can only say that if they are,! Location and arrivals must occur before 6 pm as boondocking, a and! ‘ business plan ’ that France Passion provides a safe and secure environment for you to search for.... Personally, we ’ ve set up our table and chairs in apple! Pass them by in the book can also be clicked on cows that lowed gently all through night! Auberge Margot & Jean Martin at Petit Ballon offered yet another France Passion sites, I they... That go with them are not meant to target a hiker who doesn ’ t have! Eating Auvergne cured meats, Pyrenean honey or Provencal goat ’ s cheese included a bottle or two their... Two of their operations my camper van home to an auberge extended by those who hate.... Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!... France and I wish I would strongly recommend France motorhome hire, I just need to get to France! Reserve option in case mountainous Mediterranean island is a book called all the Aires which... Communicate effectively campervan toilet facilities their environment so well make for an unusual drink others can share the area wild! Industry here since the mid-1700s booking or reservation options on the area, and will result in you being to. Know if the other camping parks are open to you using their facilities briefly for a overnight...

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