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For a filmmaker, both are amazing. Otherwise, they’re either super delayed, which is unlikely, or it’s a wave so small that the people being admitted aren’t on this forum. 11.7K Views 53 Replies 0 points Most recent by What did your portal update say? ... Michigan sent me the email to get my free Class of 2024 t shirt Replies to: NYU Waitlist 2024 #2601. 5. This is important! Stanford Waitlist Class of 2024. 4. Ways? NYU Abu Dhabi 2024 waitlisted here. Or are you less likely to get in in the second wave. But USC and NYU both have an extensive list of successful alumni. Also, I took a gap year and applied again. accepted steinhardt here as well. We’ve been celebrating alongside of you on social, and couldn’t help ourselves. Having such a hard time. Not sure if I can afford it though, since I got no aid. We’re so excited to welcome the new NYU Class of 2024. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. 1. @UCLAParent123 just curious, who did you call? tell me you’re not joking cuz i am sick of getting my hopes up. But worry not, you still have strong chances of getting in. Haven't been on in a while, but any new updates? I received my final (rejection) on june 30. May 18. Hot www.nyu.edu. 35 votes, 64 comments. NYU’s number of … I also called. I just got in last week. It seems like all the waitlist waves are on Wednesdays. May 7. Can anyone accepted PLEASE say whether they applied RD or ED?? People may have various answers, but in Most cases they don’t know why they got admitted from the wait list or did not get admitted from the wait list. Hello. I don’t think I do. 3. and is everybody’s waitlist forms gone? (70k+ out of pocket), @gconboy ay congrats!! The message will tell you if you were enrolled or placed on the waitlist. Replies to: NYU Waitlist 2024 #101. pianolover78 48 replies 0 threads Junior Member. Waitlists/Deferrals. I am hell of nervous/scared after being put on the waitlist for the class of 2024. This year’s group of admitted students also had a record high median SAT score: 1500. Like If you filled in the forms later and didn’t get in today and stuff it doesn’t mean anything abt you as a student right. Posted in Class of 2024, Waitlist UPDATE #3 (6/23) For those of you who have been waitlisted at one of your top choices, here's a list of 2019 waitlist statistics for several popular private and public schools, along with notification dates and latest status where available. As if they do have space for Fall why did they accept applicants for Spring term, any ideas? This is the only change seen since I have been waitlisted. If a position becomes available, you will be enrolled provided you meet the following requirements for enrollment off a course waitlist: 1. You meet the class requisites. @micha.toscano. School-specific applicants threads, waiting for results, announcements of acceptances/denials/waitlists. Click the Course Search link in your shopping cart. it’s true- she emailed me back at like 4 today saying that there will be a next wave tomorrow. @ilovesoccer123 — Never mind, I found it. VILLANOVA WAITLIST 2024...Class of 2024 Villanova Presidential Scholarship weekend. Yes! If there were people accepted off the waitlist for SPS for Spring term, does that mean there wasn’t even space for Fall hence there is a really slim chance that I would get accepted? waitlist forms is gone now , but what does it mean? I spent around 5 minutes just reading the admissions letter and sitting there in disbelief. 5. I didn’t know that I can’t defer if I got in on the waitlist and I really want to take a year off. has any international students been admitted off? If a waitlist is available for a course. Congratulations on being admitted to the NYU Class of 2024! just surprising that none of us have any of the indicators that the previous waves. Today I … April 30. Congratulations to all who got off the waitlist today! were any OOS CAS students who applied RD accepted? April 17 edited April 17. my motivation has slipped a bit . This marks the 13th year that NYU’s application numbers have surpassed those of the previous year. For the elite Private US universities like NYU, the wait list is Not Weighted. I think that maybe the reason there are no indicators so far is that they’ve patched the previous errors to avoid giving off “hints”. I called and they didn’t divulge much info, they said they don’t have a fixed date (they said they don’t know for sure about next week or two weeks for now or any date really) but put importance on that 72 hour SIR deadline. Did anyone get in with out any changes? does it matter when you get off the waitlist? If you wish to remain on our waitlist, you must complete the online form included in the NYU Applicant Portal where you received your waitlist offer. › nyu class 2024 waitlist. That's wonderful! Do they send waitlist continued interest form to everyone or just to people they will be accepting? Did everyone that got accepted have the hints( ie housing portal, albert, checklist)? I’m most convinced that they’ve patched it all, though. Albert will give you the option to select the Wait List check-box during the enrollment process. @ilovesoccer123 — What do you mean? We’ve compiled a list of our favorites; here are the best ED I reactions for the Class of 2024! Select the class(es) from your shopping cart you want to enroll in and click the enroll button. March 30. do you guys think they'll be taking second semester grades into account? “Hints”: Fall 2020 portal, Zoom status as member-student, Albert accept/decline option present (but disappeared later, just like everyone else’s), Could it be that waves have more acceptances from a specific school? 1.1K 10.Villanova 2024 Regular Decision. After you select a class, select the checkbox for “Wait list if class is full”. @ilovesoccer123 no idea, i think it'll be difficult to estimate next wave but … I got in for full pay (pretty much 75k+). Zoom changed from member to licensed. Waitlist Class of 2024. She told me that they don’t know if there will be another wave at all… idk if I should believer her or not. Do you guys have an email on your zoom account? Archived. Replies to: NYU Waitlist 2024 #1101. froggy1105 3 replies 0 threads New Member. So, from one applicant to another, YOU DID THAT! Close. New York University just sent an e-mail to a wait-listed D.C. student that — in her father’s view — exacerbated the torture. Click that link and sign that form. (and regarding the waitlist, they made an announcement saying they were going to start releasing names on or after may 10, i got off may 11 :) They did not divulge how they do the waves either, and who gets it and who doesn’t for each wave. (within next 24 hours) Is it confirmed? 13 talking about this. School: Stern I know that it is not an immediate acceptance or denial, but your hard work and determination was recognized by Stanford University! In a desperate need of some kind of … 11.7K Views 53 Replies 0 points Most recent by MAMom01810 May 9 Villanova … Regular Decision. If you mean the NYU email. Penn usually admits a very small number of students from its waitlist, and Furda has previously said the waitlist serves as a courtesy to students, families, and their high schools. also since we know it’s happening tomorrow, has anybody seen any changes to their housing, albert, or portal? If you got in, are you full-pay or close to it? As recently as 2013, the acceptance rate was 35%. Congratulations to all applicants that made it onto the waitlist! 2. assuming that most people that got in today will accept the offer? Btw- if you are a spring admit you can defer. It’ll cost me $80K. Add Classes to your shopping cart by using the Class Search, My Requirements, or My Planner. School-specific applicants threads, waiting for results, announcements of acceptances/denials/waitlists. NYU received over 85,000 applications for first-year admissions for the fall class of 2024, according to a press release from the university. Hey guys ! Then click the “Next” button. The acceptance rate for the Class of 2024—15%—reflects steady increases in the selectivity of NYU’s first-year class. Waitlists - NYU. Got off the NYU waitlist DURING my AP Lit Exam and I am literally still shaking. I had just started my essay and an email popped up on my screen from NYU, I knew exactly what it was. Replies to: NYU Waitlist 2024 #41. musicalpolitics 60 replies 0 threads Junior Member. 36. Replies to: NYU Waitlist 2024 #181. jjaguar125 18 replies 2 threads Junior Member. For those that were accepted today, did you see that on your portal, by email, or both? In the decisions letter there should be a link to do the waitlist form to stay on the waitlist. CookiesxCreme 86 replies 0 threads Junior Member. I just wondered, has anyone of you got admitted to the college through the waitlist or have you heard of people getting accepted after being waitlisted ? I’m appealing it right now. So are we expecting wave tomorrow? 3. Waitlist Class of 2024. Seeing more CAS today, Just got into Stern from NJ. Few internationals would be admitted off I think…, again, it is confirmed that there is going to be a wave tomorrow lol sorry for so many questions but the waiting and AP’s are getting to me. Any internationals for CAS? so since a lot of us havent heard back, do we have a lower chance of being accepted in the next waves? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Posted by 8 months ago. We will assume that any student who does not respond to our waitlist offer will be enrolling at another college or university, and will no longer be eligible for admissions consideration. 1.1K Views 10 Replies 0 points Most recent by TommyBCBW May 14 Villanova University. In the bottom of that, where it tells you to add extra awards and stuff you’ve gotten, you can write an essay or a paragraph or two expressing how you really feel that NYU is …

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