norway coastline paradox

However if you sort the list by "World Resources Institute" instead you'll see very different numbers, with Norway dropping to 7. Precision here is the length of the straight lines I used to measure the coastline. Featured. Lewis Fry Richardson was the first recorded observer of this paradox. Norway: D = 1.52 Questions: The four countries listed above are shown below, rotated to make them less easy to recognize. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 5 jan 2020 om 16:18. The length of the coast for the countries of the world The first external link on the page seems to be the source of the article's problems. Basically the problem is defining what is meant by a coastline, which must, inherently, be arbitrary, and could produce a wildly different result depending on what standard you pick. The more I zoom in, the more precise I can be. Like Norway (and perhaps maybe even more so), much of Chiles coast is made of up highly glaciated land (fiords, islands, etc). It is dominated by the Scandinavian mountains, which separates Norway from its neighboring country Sweden. The coastline paradox states that a coastline does not have a well-defined … Featured. = "block"; The key here is the scale! Along some arctic coastlines, thawing permafrost weakens coastal lands, adding to their vulnerability (3). Norway's coastline is one of the longest in the world, with the length recalculated in 2011 to account for complicated features like islets and fjords. That's not (really) how the coastline paradox works. This is one difference. Let’s make the exercise again but draw the line more precisely: Now we get 4 167.6 km … still far way from the 25 148 km. 0 items. This is called the coastline paradox and here we get it! But believe it or not, no-one's quite sure how long the Norway coast really is. Visit Norway's capital, travel through fjords by train to Myrdal and ride down the steep mountains to Flåm, explore Norwegian Coastline on board Hurtigruten voyage. There are a lot more details as you see! 04:56 418 Views. The country has a total coastline of around 19,924 km, and 23 states of the country have a coastline to call their own. The spectacular Norwegian coastline draws visitors in the millions every year. Use the relative roughness of each coastline to identify the country, and enter its name in the box below the image: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Coastline Market is an online platform connecting harvesters with retailers. That’s one points. In addition, another 4,700 km have become artificially stabilised (1). What is known is that the CIA World FactBook numbers and scales used vary for all countries, thus making comparing the numbers worthless. The coastline paradox is the counterintuitive observation that the coastline of a landmass does not have a well-defined length. The second point, I change my degree of precision. The deltas in this study represent all major climate zones, levels of population density, and degrees of economic development. If we examine the "official" numbers listed here, Norway has 20X more coastline than land boundaries, while Chile has approximately the same coastline as land boundaries -- … It's a problem known as the coastline paradox. Search Cart. (2002), in: Salman et al. The coastline of Norway is formed along the Skagerrak, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and Barents Sea.  =  Coastline Paradox. Travel off the beaten track to the Fjord Coast and get a taste of authentic coastal life. The other part is the methodology used to measure coastlines. At my second try (more precise), straight lines were about ~50km at smallest. If I had taken a third source, I would have gotten a third different result…, The two lists are different because the CIA World Factbook takes the countries in their different subparts: Greenland is detached from Denmark, all the overseas territories of France are measured apart from the mainland, etc. The coastline paradox is in fact a fractal problem in which the total length becomes more and more larger as much details becomes clear as we zoom in. This results from the fractal-like properties of coastlines. (if you write this answer down in your geography exam when asked “How long is the coastline of whatever not-landlocked Country” you’ll surely get an 10/10 or an A). ); We are drawing our line a scale which is far too small. The Coastline Paradox observes that the measure of the coastline of a landmass keeps getting bigger the smaller the unit used to measure it is, as seen here.. What I don’t understand is, why doesn’t the measurement approaches a number as the unit approaches zero?  ×  Resize; Like. Living in Norway is fantastic in so many ways, but it's important to understand the whole picture. What if I had measured the coastline by zooming even more in until I come to the level of atoms ? Let’s take the beautiful country of Norway and let’s measure its coastline using ArcGIS Online: Roughly drawn, the line indicates 3 049.1 km. Norway is located in northern Europe on the Scandinavian peninsular. It begins with an explanation of the coastline paradox and other, similar … Because of the fractal nature of a coastline, you can only define its length by using units of a specific length. World Resources Institute measures the coastlines of the countries INCLUDING overseas islands Featured product Lake George Refrigerator Magnet Regular price $12.00 Sale price $12.00 Regular price. Over the past 50 years, the population living in European coastal municipalities has more than doubled to reach 70 millions inhabitants in 2001 and the total value of economic assets located within 500 meters from the coastline has multiplied to an estimated 500-1000 billion Euros in 2000 (1). 03:14 Greenpeace holds a historic performance with pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean (English) 571 Views. The World Resources Institute measures the coastlines of the countries INCLUDING overseas islands. Norway does have plains and forested areas, mostly to the southeast and the northernmost part. The CIA, for example, lists Norway as the second longest coastline in the world after Canada. Timber has always been a major export of the Norwegian economy and trade ships from the Low Countries have become an increasingly common sight along the Norwegian coastline. Effects of climate change and sea level rise by Finnish artists Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho for Google Arts and Culture. 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