i keep smelling something sickly sweet

See ENT doctor if persistent. The best way to describe it is sickenly sweet, like some kind of chemical or drug. But do get yourself checked out. Often, this medical condition leads to loss of your sense of smell… If you’re smelling metal for no apparent reason, however, do not jump to the conclusion that you have brain cancer. For a month I have been enveloped in a fog of this sickly sweet chemical-type odor. I smell it on my clothes, on my body, at home and at work. If you haven't noticed the different smell after consuming a particular drink then the other cause may apply. People around me say they smell nothing. So, something that normally does not smell like flowers could take on that sweet smell. Both of these work hard to keep each other in constant balance. I woke my husband who couldn't smell anything. 2 days ago, I woke at 3.20am to an overpowering sweet cloying smell. Brief Answer: Inflammation of the upper respiratory system Detailed Answer: Hello, smells can originate from the upper respiratory system, liver damage, diabetes or consuming volatile substances (like alcohol for example). Dr. Jordan S. Josephson, an ear, nose and throat physician, explains in this article that cancer can cause you to smell something unpleasant that’s not there, including cigarette smoke. When bacteria collect on a tooth, they can eat away at the surface. I have under active thyroid problem and sinus problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, parosmia occurs when there is olfactory system damage, which could happen in the case of respiratory disease. You had a recent low blood sugar, you should keep monitoring your blood sugar. What Is Causing That Sweet Smelling Discharge? It's horrible and gives me the worst headaches, I've driven myself crazy searching the house trying to find the source, but have come up … This is tooth decay.That buildup of bacteria can cause both bad breath and a bad smell to come through your nose. Neighbors in Murray Hill say a 'chemical-like' smell is so strong it makes them sick and that they can't go outside for hours. However, I can now smell faint taint like alcohol but have'nt had any for over 2 weeks. Every so often for long periods of time (about a few weeks to a month) I'll smell this horrible smell, THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN SMELL. Sweet smell: Rarely hear this, usually people complain of bad smell. I'd say it started about a year ago. I tried to locate the source without success and now 48 hours later it is finally abating. The smell is sweet and astringent, almost like rancid ice cream or sweet vomit. sniffing) from several people, including the building managers, came to no conclusion as to where it originates. I sprayed Hartz flea spray in my house a month ago & at first it was an agreeable smell & I … Phantom smells aren’t necessarily an issue on their own (apart from being annoying), but they can be a symptom of a larger problem. Need more info: False odors can be due to injury of the olefactory (smell) nerves in the nose that can follow a severe viral nasal infection, injury to the nerve such as following a head injury, sinus infection, or rarely a frontal brain tumor. When you notice an unusual body smell, like sweet-smelling urine, it's a potential sign that something is off with your health. Try stopping all fragrant soaps and body lotions and all unnecessary supplements and see if it goes away. The apartment is only one room and a bathroom, and thorough investigations (i.e. You have a strain of bacteria called "lactobacilli" and some yeast too. Your vagina has an entire ecosystem going on inside to help keep things clean and healthy.

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