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Symphytum officinale L. … The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees. Group & quantity discounts. The leaves are lance-shaped and not so broad as those of Russian Comfrey. Symphytum uplandica x. Other Names - Comphrey… Comfrey ' Symphytum Officinale ' is an invaluable plant in the garden especially for the organic gardener. There is a white/cream flowered type and a purple flowered type. FREE Shipping. From the luscious leaves to the thick, mucilage-laden roots I find nothing to compare. Symphytum officinale and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Well known for centuries as a medicinal plant, but the leaves are now regularly used as a compost activator helping the breakdown of other compost materials. Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks. It has plain green foliage and, in spring, short stems of red buds open to clusters of nodding purple flowers held just above the leaves. Current: Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) (3) P9; Comfrey Plant. Alternatively sow Comfrey seeds in pots or trays under glass and transplant them outdoors when plants are well grown. Details S. officinale is a robust, rather invasive perennial forming a clump of erect stems bearing elliptic leaves to 25cm in length, and terminal clusters of nodding, tubular bell-shaped, purple, pink or cream flowers 2cm in length in late spring and summer In early spring it produces dropping clusters dainty bluebell-like, creamy yellow to white flowers. Fruit Trees > Herbs and Spice Plants > Comfrey. An herbaceous perennial growing to 2-3 feet. 30 Seeds. Symphytum officinale. It has slender lance-shaped leaves and produces bell-shaped purple flowers that bloom from May to September. 1 or more £2.25 GBP each. It resembles S. asperum in that the leaves are not decurrent on the stem (or infrequently shortly decurrent for a distance of less than 10 mm). Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. The easy to grow productive … The flower is a pretty blue bell, fading to pink. Symphytum grandiflorum, more commonly known as Dwarf Comfrey is an evergreen perennial that will form a everlasting, carpet of deep green foliage. Add to Basket. In case you're not familiar with comfrey (Symphytum Officinale), it's a member of the borage family, a strong-growing perennial with somewhat hairy leaves 12 to 18 inches long, rising on short stems from a central crown. Comfrey is also often used as a mulch or as liquid green manure. Comfrey Seed Packet 0.1g (Symphytum officinale)(approx 10 seeds), buy online for delivery across the UK. Sow seed thinly at a depth of 1cm (1/2") in rows 30cm (12") apart. Light: Comfrey prefers full sun. Leaves can be used to make a liquid feed. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5 and is not frost tender. Comfrey Seeds (Symphytum officinale) 10+ Rare Medicinal Herb Seeds. Clusters of white, purple or pink tubular flowers. The seed benefit from being placed in a chilled environment (fridge) for 14-28 days to activate the seed prior to sowing, hence improving germination rates. Comfrey also called Symphytum officinale is a perennial herb from the Boraginaceae family such as borage or oyster plant. Can reach 5 feet (1.5 metre) tall. Do not allow it to dry out between waterings. This Product is Available Now. £9.99. Seeds are now available at our seed store. The name comfrey is derived from the latin conferva, com-fervere, 'boil together, heal', thus referring to the plants medical use: external application encourages the healing process of wounds. It measures 40 to 60 cm in height and has very large fragrant leaves. Comfrey root extract can also be used as a fertilizer. Scientific Name. It is in flower from May to June, and the seeds ripen from June to July. J F M A M J J A S O N D; Sowing Period. Symphytum grandiflorum. Comfrey growing in large clumps. Comfrey seeds are black in color, about the size of those of golden rain tree or morning glory black flower, they are harvested at the end of August just after flowering. Huge range of seeds, bulbs and plants available. Water: Comfrey needs an average amount of water and prefers to stay consistently moist but not waterlogged. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec; Sowing Period. When large enough to handle, thin seedlings to 60cm (48") apart. Comfrey, Symphytum Officinale,Medicinal Seeds, 25 seeds per pack, Organic, GMO Free, Comphrey, Organic Heirloom Medicinal Seeds, Organic Name: Comfrey Scientific Name: Symphytum officinale Comfrey (also comphrey) is a common name for plants in the genus Symphytum… Call us at 1 315 4971058. Once known as knitbone, Symphytum officinale has a long history of wound healing, particularly broken bones, torn muscles, ... Its vigour means it will self-seed … Common Comfrey, Latin name: Symphytum officinale, grows to be approximately 60 inches tall. Symphytum officinale Characteristics: A vigorous self-seeder, Comfrey can grow up to 36" high and is perennial in zones 4-9. Symphytum officinale. A great plant for suppressing weeds. Box Contains. Planting Period. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (4 customer reviews) $ 4.95. A hardy perennial, its large leaves are rough and hairy all over. 783143 . Sow seeds thinly, 12mm (½in) deep in drills 30cm (12in) apart. Other English names include Quaker comfrey, cultivated comfrey, boneset, knitbone, consound, and slippery-root. Comfrey thrives in almost any soil or situation, but does best in moist conditions. The easy to grow productive perennial produces large quantities of deep green hairy leaves with attractive purple - blue bell shaped flowers which bees find irresistible. Cultivation Advice Herb Comfrey Symphytum Officinale. 3 x 9cm Potted Plants. It has large, hairy leaves and grows in a rosette to 1 m in height. Symphytum officinale Common Comfrey, Alum This is a handsome native wild flower with attractive drooping clusters of blue, purple, pink or cream, bell-shaped flowers in early summer. However, internal consumption, such as in the form of herbal tea , is discouraged, as it can cause serious liver damage. Medicinal; roots and leaves. Symphytum officinale is a PERENNIAL growing to 1.2 m (4ft) by 0.6 m (2ft in) at a fast rate. Symphytum asperum × Symphytum officinale → Symphytum ×‌uplandicum Nyman is a very rare comfrey hybrid in New England known from CT, VT. Perennial Culinary herb Symphytum Officinale . Save. Qty: Grows huge leaves which is why its primary use is as a fertiliser. Description. An interesting ornamental, best known as a controversial medicinal herb with a number of supposed, though unverified uses. This well-known showy plant is a member of the Borage and Forget-me-not tribe, Boraginaceae. 30 Seeds. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) - The comfrey herb is native to Asia and Europe, but early English immigrants brought it to North America for medicinal purposes. True Comfrey is really the nicest of the Comfrey clan in my opinion. Harvesting/Flowering Period. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Chilli Sweet and Spicy 10 seeds: Culantro Mexican Coriander Eryngium foetidum 200 seeds: Kohlrabi Delicacy Purple 250 seeds : Broad Bean The Sutton 50g av 30-32 seeds: Echinacea. 25 Comfrey Seed (Symphytum Officinale) used as a healing herb for centuries. SEEDS: HERB SEEDS: Comfrey Symphytum Officinale. The flowers of True Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) are generally very richly arrayed and colored dark purple. Supplied as a packet of approximately 30 seeds. Planting Period . WE ARE AIMING TO DESPATCH SEED PKTS IN 5 WORKING DAYS (Monday to Friday). Quantity. Comfrey 9cm pots (Symphytum officinale), buy online for delivery across the UK. Other Names - Comphrey… Comfrey 'Symphytum Officinale' is an invaluable plant in the garden especially for the organic gardener. Huge range of seeds, bulbs and plants available. Comfrey, True (Symphytum officinale var patens), packet of 20 seeds, organic. 97. The seed should be placed in a chilled environment (fridge) for 14-28 days to activate the seed prior to sowing, hence greatly improving germination rates. Huge range of seeds, bulbs and plants available. Sow from March to June in a seed-bed or in pots indoors. 01949 860592 Comfrey, Symphytum x uplandicum, is a low-maintenance, weed-smothering ground cover plant that is tolerant of poor soil and neglect, and is particularly useful for wild or woodland gardens or under trees and shrubs.However it can become rather invasive. BOTANICAL NAME: Symphytum officinale COMMON NAMES: comfrey FAMILY: Boraginaceae PLANT DESCRIPTION Comfrey is a herbaceous perennial herb originating in Europe. The hardy plant can grow to a height of 60 cm.Comfrey has been used in folk medicine as a poultice for treating burns and wounds. This is the purple flowered type. In case you're not familiar with comfrey (Symphytum Officinale), it's a member of the borage family, a strong-growing perennial with somewhat hairy leaves 12 to 18 inches long, rising on short stems from a central crown. Family: Boraginaceae Genus: Symphytum. Hardy perennial. Regardless of its medicinal possibilities, the plant makes a pretty ornamental, with colorful flowers and attractive foliage. Add to Cart £2.15. Easy to grow and will self seed. Green, lance shaped, hairy leaves. An excellent herb to grow to make a fertiliser of your own. Family: Borage (Boraginaceae) Hardy to Zones 3 to 9 (True Comfrey) (Symphytum officinalis) Herbaceous perennial native to Europe. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a non-edible perennial native wildflower with attractive drooping clusters of blue, purple, pink or cream, bell-shaped flowers in early summer. close-up of seeds (Photo: Steve Hurst at USDA PLANTS Database) the very similar Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum), without wings on its stems (Photo: Trevor James) Prickly comfrey (Symphytum asperum), the other parent of Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum), with reddish flower buds (Photo: Greg Jordan) Symphytum officinale. True Comfrey (Symphytum officinale var patens) is a hardy perennial shrub native to Europe and Asia and is highly valued for permaculture/subsistence gardens. Comfrey, even when grown … Seed Availability. The purple and yellowish flowers are not found mixed where the plants grow wild: the difference in colour is permanent in plants raised from seed. Symphytum officinale is a perennial flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae.Along with thirty four other species of Symphytum, it is known as comfrey.To differentiate it from other members of the genus Symphytum, this species is known as common comfrey or true comfrey. 1 x herb - comfrey - symphytum officinale - 45 seeds Direct sow symphytum seed outdoors from March to June in moist, fertile, well drained soil in a sunny position. Customers who bought this product also purchased. The mauve flowers are bell-like and borne in clusters. We don't wait to see the blossoms, however, because the foliage is at its best if cut before blooming time. Symphytum officinale is a plant of the borage family, with large hairy leaves and clusters of white or purple bell-shaped flowers. Characteristics: • Hardiness: H7 (-20 and below) • Type: Herbaceous Perennial • Height: up to 1m • Spread: up to 1m Symphytum officinale, Comfrey. Harvesting Period. Instructions not attached - See details provided above for cultivation advice. The flower is a pretty blue bell, fading to pink. $8.97 $ 8. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

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