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Snags are possible; however, which is why quality and keeping your pet's nails trimmed is critical. All of us buy and sell surplus products! When this task was completed our living room looked like a totally fresh, new, clean place. To remove a stain from Stainmaster carpet, DuPont recommends using mild dishwashing soap. The carpet was installed new when I moved in and it still looks new. With the latter, you will need to refrain from dragging anything across your carpet and always keep an eye on active pets in your household. Since it is a high traffic area we are assuming that they are from dirt. Carpet Selector—Find Your Ideal STAINMASTER® Carpet The Platinum Promise is only available at STAINMASTER FLOORING CENTER retailiers like Flooring… Great Carpet For a Family With Kids & Pets. That means it’s not necessarily DIY-friendly, so you’ll need to think long and hard before deciding to tackle this style of carpet on your own. StainMaster refuses to consider a claim since the warrenty does not cover "rental property". This carpet has held up under a lot of use from two young kids, and a very large dog that gallops through the house like a horse. Q: How long can I expect Berber carpet to last? It took some searching to find a color that we could agree on, eventually we chose a taupe, which is close to tan. My Husband and I wanted to save some money so he and a friend decided to lay the carpet themselves. Q: Is damaged Berber carpet easy to repair? Having spent several thousand dollars over the past decade on carpet for my home, only to be disappointed time after time, I decided to try Stainmaster carpet. Berber carpet isn’t bad if you have pets, especially if it’s high-quality, but you’ll want to keep the size of those loops in mind. Because it is made of nylon it's more apt to clean up easier keeping the carpet looking fresh. Still had stains. In other words, it’s not uncommon to find solid-colored nylon looped carpet without flecks called “Berber” or see light-colored olefin carpet with flecks also referred to Berber. Others require a spot remover, but the stains come out really well. contact  |  Berber is a very versatile carpet style and can work with many types of decor. You can find the same look from manufactured Berber carpets today, but the term itself now refers to certain styles of looped carpeting that meet certain criteria set by the manufacturer. It’s a great option for homes with kids, as carpeting is easy on small knees and makes for more forgiving falls than hardwood, laminate, or natural stone & tile. But there are a few other things to consider as well such as price, fibre, styles, thickness and height. Try durable Berber carpet - which is available in abundance at your local Flooring America. They promptly told us that they do not cover dirt in the warrenty and we were pretty much SOL. In this guide, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about StainMaster carpets, who are one of the leading names in the carpet industry and provide durable, hard-wearing carpets in a range of different fibers and styles. I would definitely recommend this type of short haired carpet to anyone. Disadvantages of Stainmaster Carpet. With Berber, it’s a bit of a mixed bag considering its looped style and the types of animals most homeowners let roam around their homes – cats and dogs. Stainmaster® Carpets are designed for the way you live. See Shaw's New Life Happens Water Proof Carpet. To make this loop the fabric is pulled through the backing material, looped around and pushed back through the backing. Phone us on 1800 335 624 if you have any questions. Choose from five carpet families: LiveWell, PetProtect carpet and cushion system, & Essentials. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Hard Flooring; Browse PetProtect™ Luxury Vinyl; … Patterned carpeting usually brings a premium, and that’s no different with Berber carpeting. The main reason I've replaced carpets in the past is because I haven't been able to get out unsightly stains. Top brands such as Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw, Masland, Stanton and many more. Consumer Reviews of StainMaster carpets. We installed a stainmaster carpet in the back room of our house. Our guide will give you a crash course in Berber carpeting as we’re going to discuss pricing, installation, and the pros and cons of this unique carpet. The difference the carpet made amazes me. Our Carpet Selector asks just a few easy questions, like how your room is being used and color and style preferences to help you find the right carpet. Call 800-772-7090 for the best Wholesale / Discount Stainmaster Carpet Prices. not very good at all, very poor customer service. Berber carpet is unique, and the attractive price point makes it an interesting choice for various rooms in your home. Find your local retailer today. I don't doubt this carpet will pay for itself by out lasting cheaper options. Stainmaster active family rave review berber carpet best colors stainmaster active family carpet reviews berber carpet best colors. Berber/Loop PRODUCT LINE The four STAINMASTER ® carpet families — TruSoft ® , PetProtect ® , Active Family ® , Essentials ® — fit a variety of lifestyles. Find the STAINMASTER carpet to fit your life. I was pregnant at the time and thought to myself that my child would be roaming around on the disgusting carpet, and it was an unsettling feeling. The Stain master carpet is also plush but does hold up to its name. Browse our extensive selection of Carpet from Sherlock's Carpet & Tile in Orland Park. your own Pins on Pinterest Let us help break it all down for you. Main Content. Regardless of the color, this material is distinct, whether it’s patterned loop Berber or Cut and Loop Berber. The carpet fibers look great and fluff right up with a vacuuming. I would certainly recommend to a friend as I have had no issues at all with this brand. I had a black, cable style Stainmaster brand carpeting installed in my house a little over a year ago. Carpet Selector—Find Your Ideal STAINMASTER® Carpet One specific instance of putting it to the test was when my 3 year old spilled a full cup of grape juice right in the middle of the floor. See Shaw's New Life Happens Water Proof Carpet. STAINMASTER designs carpets for every unique lifestyle. Overall I would say the quality of the carpet is marginal anyway. STAINMASTER PetProtect Concord Mystical Charm Textured Carpet (Indoor). Very Satisfied. Best Berber Carpet Brands Reviewed. Q: What’s the best type of vacuum cleaner to use on Berber carpeting? What is your favorite color? Berber is a heavy carpet and is much more difficult to handle, seam and cut. Our carpets are designed for the way you live. There were more stains that I could count and we couldn't get them out no matter what we did! With the Stainmaster Carpet there hasn't been a stain I haven't been able to clean up. Expert installers guarantee a beautiful finished product. Does your cat forget to use its scratching post and prefer your rug or carpet instead? STAINMASTER flooring is durable, easy to clean and great for kids and pets. It was originally woven by hand in North Africa thousands of years ago and is still popular today due to its distinctive style. Sure, your carpet’s look and feel is a big part of your decision. In-Stock Berber Carpet Starting at $1.75 sq. I would NOT reccommend them! Browse our extensive selection of Carpet from The Flooring Gallery in Oakbrook Terrace. The stain master carpet I had installed last year has held up great, and still looks like new after a year of heavy traffic, spills, pets and furniture being moved around. is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, STAINMASTER ® Sheet Vinyl. With STAINMASTER ® Carpet, you get the widest choice of color, pattern, and texture with the proven performance expected from the STAINMASTER ® brand. I've cleaned it and had it cleaned professionally. Carpet. I would definitely buy this brand again mainly because of the ability of the carpet to repel stains. STAINMASTER® ... ["Berber/Loop"]}}) Popularity: # 12 of 18 brands of carpets . Blue, red, warm or cool Stainmaster has the right color to complement any room, no matter how traditional or modern. We have had our carpet for about 6 years and are very happy with it. Whats people lookup in this blog: Stainmaster Berber Carpet At Lowes I would buy this carpet again, absolutely, and recommend it to a friend, especially those with kids and pets. home  |  ft. (Material Only) While Supply Lasts! Berber Carpets are extremely popular looped carpet and are a great choice for active areas. But there are a few other things to consider as well such as price, fibre, styles, thickness and height. On top of all that STAINMASTER carpet is an innovator in carpet design and fashion. & Price Just seek "STAINMASTER Active Family Apparent Beauty 12-ft Berber/Loop Interior Carpet" and also found this kind of intead, so i clean a number of information to position the following, trust you adore that. See the latest Trends in Carpeting & Order Samples. Stainmaster Nylon Carpet Fiber makes Stainmaster carpet very durable and easy to maintain carpet that will last for years to come. STAINMASTER Active Family St John 12-ft Berber/Loop Interior Carpet. Many stains can simply be scrubbed out with a wet wash cloth. At the perfect Carpet, we have a huge selection of stunning Berber carpet colors to choose from at equally appealing prices. These features make Berber carpet an excellent choice for rooms with heavy traffic or any room that is adjacent to your outdoor space. Experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants. It is a style you need to consider carefully however due to all the variables involved with the style and the term itself. While it’s hard to narrow down a price given the wealth of Berber options available, the fiber it’s made from will increase the cost as will the general style. It was originally woven by hand in North Africa thousands of years ago and is still popular today due to its distinctive style. • Stain Resistance: Berber carpet is also stain-resistant. Carpet is comfortable, easy to install and easily replaced. Loop Berber Carpets The Berber or looped style carpet is a favorite for many reasons starting with its durability and low cost relative to other residential carpeting. The term is used loosely by salespeople and carpet manufacturers alike but typically refers to a loop carpet style. Our carpet cost and installation guide will let you know which tools you’ll need to pick up or rent, and what to expect if you want to install Berber carpet yourself. Add character to your home with soft-step technology, which gives you more cushioning underfoot. Originally, this fiber was hand-woven by the Berber tribe and featured multi-colored flecks of wool in the weave, along with a pronounced knot or loop. Q: What’s the best fiber for durability in Berber carpet? The dealer has been very good but 5 weeks later and I have yet to get any responsee from Stainmaster. Stainmaster® Carpets are designed for the way you live. Stainmaster is a popular carpet brand with families and pet owners. The biggest disadvantage to Stainmaster carpeting is the overall cost. Pics of : Stainmaster Berber Carpet Reviews. Food and drink stain resistant, easy to clean, soft and durable carpet. A: A wide variety of systems will work from cordless stick vacuums to large uprights or canister vacuums. The carpet brand has been great, but the only thing I would have done differently is gotten a darker shade, to hide some of the high traffic stains that really need a steam cleaner to get out. My 10 year old carpet I took out looked in many places than my 2 year old Stainmaster. Key features: Resists food and beverage stains; Soil protection for easy maintenance; Durability that helps your carpet look newer longer; Find Your Style: Browse STAINMASTER … So far we have had no problems with our carpet except constantly reminding people to remove their shoes. It has served well, and I would recommend it in high traffic areas such as staircases. Cut Berber and Patterned Loop and Cut are also options, and then you have the fiber itself to consider. Flooring > Carpet Carpet Tile > Carpet ID: 50377484. Any type of carpet can be used in any room, but different types of carpet are more popular in certain rooms. Manufactured with high-quality materials and built to demanding performance … Well, you can double that if you want to use patterned loop Berber to around $4.00, although other styles may be cheaper to install. Less than a year old and our StainMaster Active Family carpet is looking pretty bad. Whether using all loops, or a combination of loops and plush weaves, today’s manufacturers are bringing the millennium-old Berber carpet into the 21 st century. If you plan on hiring a professional to install Berber carpet in your home, it’s typically a few dollars per square foot. Shop for your next berber stainmaster carpet online and enjoy great values. A: It can be, but it depends on the type of damage and how severe it is. A year ago I have replaced the carpet in my home with Stainmaster. My husband always prefers lighter colors, even when they aren't practical, but I think a shade or two darker would have hidden a lot of those stains. Carpeting Dealers: Lisle, Downers Grove, Naperville, Bolingbrook. Nylon is considerably cheaper but varies wildly at $3.00 to $4.00 per square foot while olefin Berber tends to be the cheapest but is also the most difficult to clean. After almost 2 years it is not holding up at all. Masland's comprehensive collection of broadloom carpet includes traditional velvets to contemporary patterns and exciting textures, offered in extensive and … Source: Stainmaster – If Mohawk’s vast output is just a little too scary, but you still want lots to choose from, then check out the range of Berber/ loop carpets at Stainmaster: there are 400 of them! This carpet is fairly easy to maintain, and is quite comfy too! The patterned loop layers give just the movement you need to keep things interesting, and the Stainmaster® PetProtect® fibers will make sure that any dirt tracked inside won’t stop the game in its tracks. Explore our website for inspiration and to choose carpet colours and textures. About two months ago my husband and I decided to purchase new carpet for our living room. 26; Somewhat Satisfied. Carpet; Browse Carpet; Carpet Guide; Carpet Families. As we mentioned, it is one of the more affordable options in the carpet world. We bought the top of the line padding. A: Between 5 to 20 years depending on the type of fiber used an the manufacturer. Its staying power is due to its tight weave and "low loop pile", making Berber carpet a preferred choice for high-traffic areas. If you’re interested in purchasing Berber carpet for your home and can deal with the negatives, it’s time to talk about the cost of Berber carpeting. If you are still on the fence about Berber or just want to decide on the style of Berber that’s best suited to your needs, be sure to check out our carpet buying guide, which breaks down common styles and touches on some of the top manufacturers. Buy great flooring from the best carpet brands: Shaw, Stainmaster, Tuftex and Mohawk. If you have energetic pets that require an extra durable option, STAINMASTER PetProtect may be the solution for you. Berber Carpet Wholesale. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying Berber carpeting for your home. This was not an issue with the dealer at the time I purchased the carpet and he knew it was going into a seasonal rental unit. new carpet gave my living room a fresh look. Thanks to its loop pile, spills don’t soak into the fibers. However, not all property owners realize that they can install different types of carpeting in various rooms. While there are too many to go in-depth about here, two of the most popular are the Pet-Protect and Essentials. Berber carpeting is one of the more interesting styles currently in production, and also one of the oldest. Installing Berber Carpet . Discover (and save!) When we called stainmaster to complain they asked us what the stains were from. We’ll help you find the perfect carpet or luxury vinyl flooring for your home. ClassicBac SoftBac Collection. privacy. One of the best things I like about this carpet is that it looks great even though it takes a beating. A: Most snags in Berber come from poor quality carpet or poor decisions by homeowners. RC Willey sells carpet flooring at our locations in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Reno, Boise, and Sacramento. either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties Our Carpet Selector asks just a few easy questions, like how your room is being used and color and style preferences to help you find the right carpet. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more difficult types of carpet to shop for. site map  |  I installed two rooms of StainMaster carpet by Shaw in October 2008 in a Myrtle Beach Condo that is rented during the tourist season. Stainmaster® Carpet Live comfortably without worrying about your carpet If a carpet in the STAINMASTER Platinum Collection becomes permanently stained, for any reason, it will be replaced. Stainmaster carpeting offered a wide variety of styles as well as colors and textures. The living room is the first room that is seen when you first enter our home. Q: Is Berber carpet a good choice for homes with active or large pets? While it has done marvelously insofar as wear it seems like every thing that touches it leaves a stain. A: Yes. Protect against spills and extend the life of your carpet. Well, you don’t want them doing it on Berber carpet, and a heavy dog can cause damage quickly when they tear across the room to grab a toy or just to say hello. Again, that’s just a range as the color, manufacturer, and overall quality of the carpet will play a part in the pricing as well. The brand type we chose is called frieze. Exclusive Stainmaster Flooring Center. I have never had to replace the carpet, there is no need to. I have one very small area with severe matting, so I put in a warranty claim with Stainmaster thru my dealer. See the latest Trends in Carpeting & Order Samples. A: No. While not difficult to clean, wicking could be a problem because of the tight weave and stain resistance. It is a hightraffic area so we needed a carpet that would be able to stand up the test. Q: What’s the best way to prevent Berber carpet from snagging? Berber carpet colors, combined with the loop pile, give this type of carpet a casual look. Buy great flooring from the best carpet brands: Shaw, Stainmaster, Tuftex and Mohawk. Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is backed by a lifetime warranty on stains, anti-static, soil and pet accidents. Mar 16, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Shirley Hodge. From easy-to-clean carpet that’s perfect for families to extra durable carpet options that meet your pets’ needs, we have a carpet for you. Every stainmaster carpet is made with type 6,6 Stainmaster Nylon Carpet Fiber, that will effectivly reduce the risks of staining and "wear and tear" damage, all the while keeping your stainmaster carpet looking like a brand new carpet everyday. Features: A wool-like look and rugged loop surface; Natural, hand-crafted appearance creates a warm, personal atmosphere Aug 13, 2016 - CREAM PUFF Berber/Loop PetProtect® Carpet - STAINMASTER ... Find STAINMASTER carpet samples at Lowe's today. As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining. Carpet Families; STAINMASTER® Carpet; STAINMASTER® PetProtect® STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ STAINMASTER® Essentials® Stain Removal Guide; Shopping Tools; Find Carpet From Home; Hard Flooring. This promise covers all stains that are not covered in our standard limited stain warranty. The Stainmaster line lives up to its name. This carpet was much more pricy than carpet I've purchased in the past but I was looking for a carpet that would hold up to a high volume of traffic, clean up well, and look nice for a long period of time. It’s also no longer considered “cheap” by many homeowners thanks to new styles and fibers, so you can find it installed throughout homes, not just high-traffic areas or finished basements. Free samples (up to five) are available for all of our wool, nylon, synthetic and natural grass carpets. Q: Berber carpeting is affordable, but is all Berber carpet cheaply made? I was very impressed and also stressed out when she had spilled her first drink not knowing if it would stain or not. If you have a big family in need of easy-to-clean carpet try STAINMASTER Active Family. A: It’s in the middle of the pack when it comes to carpet styles. Stainmaster trusoft shelburne t feature smooth satin berber indoor carpet off the cuff t cityscape berber loop trusoft carpet stainmaster watch that swatch berber loop stainmaster active family appa beauty 12 ft w x cut to length silverado. Every Stainmaster Carpet is made with the customer in mind, therefore each carpet is low maintenence, high quality, and gorgeous. Every year approximately half the new styles in carpet are brought to the market by STAINMASTER. For a complete carpet system, combine with STAINMASTER ® carpet cushion. Explore Carpet Colors, Patterns & Textures. Berber carpet is a loop carpet, which means that when you look at it you will see closed loops as the carpet’s fabric. More Info. I do like the strength of it, even very high traffic areas have not worn down. For a white carpet, that would have been a disaster, but some paper towels and a little carpet cleaner later, the spill was gone like it never happened. I finally got a hold of somebody ast Stainmaster and now they say they never even heard of me. They tend to sit on the surface, allowing you to easily blot the mess. Most installers charge at least $1-2 extra per square yard for installing Berber carpet and also charge a higher price for installing Berber on stairs. I am planning on taking it out soon in fact. Cream Carpet Wall Carpet Beige Carpet Rugs On Carpet Carpet Flooring Carpets Textured Carpet Patterned Carpet. Karastan Carpet, Royal Dutch Carpet, Caress Carpet by Shaw, Mohawk Carpet, Masland Carpet, Shaw Carpet, STAINMASTER® Carpet, Kane Carpet, Godfrey Hirst Carpets Carpeting Products: Berber Carpet, Carpeting, Modular Carpet Tile, Saxony (plush), Saxony (textured), Sculptured and Cut & Loop, Shag Carpet, Wool Carpets Buying Stainmaster carpet at wholesale / discount carpet prices is easy with Caldwell Carpet. We have had the carpet professionally cleaned and the spots are still there! If your family includes a four-legged friend, be sure to check out our STAINMASTER ® PetProtect ® carpet and cushion system. I scrubbed the spots as soon as I found them with Stainmaster pet stain & odor remover to no avail. Professional installation is available by our knowledgeable and experienced installers. One of the cons of Berber carpeting is the fact it’s not easy to install. Chase’s soft linear texture points the way to your next adventure. Berber carpet is much more difficult to install than regular carpet styles. We purchased and took our carpet home with us. On average, labor should cost around $2.00 to $3.50 per square foot unless you have issues with your subfloor or need old carpet removed and hauled off. The carpet has developed Spots all over that professional cleaners are not able to remove and the carpet looks worse that the 15 year old carpet that it replaced. Berber's thick loops are more difficult for stains to penetrate, and the patterns typical among Berber carpet styles can help hide stains and dirt. While it has done marvelously insofar as wear it seems like every thing that touches it leaves a stain. A: Nylon. Berber is a resilient style that does well in homes with pets or children. From easy-to-clean carpet that’s perfect for families to extra durable carpet options that meet your pets’ needs, we have a carpet for you. The style of the carpet is Texture and the color is a light beige. This fiber is known for its ability to hold up well under foot traffic where other fibers falter and is an excellent all-around choice for a number of styles. Given that carpet is such a major investment for your home, it’s vital to get all the information possible before you spend a cent. RC Willey sells carpet flooring at our locations in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Reno, Boise, and Sacramento. Speaking of styles here are three popular STAINMASTER carpet selections found at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia.. It is in the higher cost bracket compared to other similar brands. Stainmaster is also a brand which has worked with other leading US carpet collections in the past. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of There are kits that help you repair long runs or just a few bad loops, but immediate action should be taken as a small snag can become a big one rather quickly. If you’d like to find a contractor in your area to Berber carpet in your home, our quote tool will help you find the right professional for the job. Carpet Stairs Rugs Collections Maintenance Find a Retailer Icon Find a Retailer ... STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Backing. Even with lots of foot traffic and wear and tear from pets it still looks great. The word “Berber” can cause confusion as it can mean a style or even color of carpet. According to The Carpet Site, the stain-prevention properties of Stainmaster carpet are "far more effective than Scotchgard" because the dye is "integral to the fiber of the carpet." Benefits of Berber Carpet • Durability: Durability is one of the main reasons why Berber is a popular choice for home carpeting. STAINMASTER Signature Galesburg Pattern Carpet (Indoor) Pick the Perfect New Carpet for Your Space Explore options like carpet tile, stain-resistant carpet … In StainMaster’s case, the company uses Nylon 6,6 for many of its carpets, which offers a range of benefits.Nylon 6,6 is exceptionally durable and will offer resilience and toughness for many years. Stainmaster Berber Carpet. While it was once thought of only for basement rec rooms and home offices, it is now a popular choice for all areas of the home. Stainmaster Carpet Wholesale / Discount Stainmaster Carpet Prices. It's not the cheapest carpet, but I'd recommend it to anyone who can afford it an truly wants the best. Textured carpet is typically used in bedrooms, family rooms and dens, but can also be used in offices, … Write your own review as well. The fibers are made in such a way that any liquid settles on top without absorbing into the fiber or reaching the pad. We have had the carpet less than a year and it has developed these "mystery spots" that don't seem to want to come up. Shop carpet samples and a variety of flooring products online at Shockingly the stain came out of the carpet with no problem. It stays cleaner for longer, too, meaning it will maintain its appearance … I carpetted my whole house with stainmaster carpet. " Stainmaster carpet padding " My wife and I purchased Stainmaster carpet and padding from Lowes. STAINMASTER ® Carpet Pad. The main thing to keep in mind is power, along with the brush roll or beater bar. I have recently told a friend who is building a home about this carpet and he is now installing it. Stainmaster Carpet from S & G Carpets & More. While you don’t need a degree to find the best Berber carpet brands, it’s important to understand how the carpet is made and the difference between traditional and manufactured Berber as well. Stainmaster appa beauty 12 ft berber loop silverado interior stainmaster active family rave review 12 ft berber loop whisper stainmaster oracle active family mt rushmore berber carpet sample stainmaster trusoft uneqivocal 12 ft berber loop interior carpet. It's from Stainmaster, which is great because it doesn't absorb stains. This carpet has served well enough, but to be honest it doesn't live up to its name. stainmaster-nylon, STAINMASTER Unmistakable 12-ft Berber/Loop Kelp Interior Carpet in the Carpet department at From easy-to-clean carpet that’s perfect for families to extra durable carpet options that meet your pets' needs, we have a carpet for you.

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