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Even so, the left earbud’s connection hiccuped. Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo The in-ear device is ultracompact and lightweight, with little or no interference with earrings, spectacles, hats, or hairstyles. You can hear Meath’s uneven breath at the end of the word “kinder,” which is impressive from this kind of earphone. Wearing . Connectivity on the Liberty Neo is solid. Specs of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo: IPX7 waterproof (heavy rain and sweat resistant), Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times, Comes with 4 sizes of ear tips, 4 sizes of sport-wings and micro-USB cable. The Life P2 boosts bass and lower-mids heavily, making the lows sound thicker and juicy, but mid-tones and vocals can be a bit recessed. The former cites an IPX5 rating, while the latter lists IPX7. Both JLab and Anker SoundCore’s earbuds claim five hours of playtime on a single charge, but tested under identical conditions, the Liberty Neo outlasted the GO Air by nearly 45 minutes. More so than the case, the earpieces show their age. Yes, you did in fact read “microUSB” correctly, but these are the cut corners that accompany cheap earbuds. It isn't possible to change the volume on the Liberty Neo. You’re unlikely to notice any difference in codec quality when out and about in a noisy environment, but if you crank the volume up, you may run into some compression artifacts that can make your music sound bad. The M30 holds better in crowded musical pieces, where the Neo starts to give in to details. The earpieces and case are also more compact, making the TrueDot more pocketable. Whether you’re spending $20 or $200 on your next pair of earbuds, you want to know that money is being put to good use. Charging Charge the charging case before using the earbuds for the first time. The QCY T5 has a smaller part that goes into your ears and is more comfortable than the Liberty Neo. The buttons are easy to press and don’t require an exorbitant amount of force to do so. While my voice doesn’t sound completely accurate, speech intelligibility is there; this is the most important thing when considering a good headset microphone. I bought the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo myself for testing and review purposes. With great design points, styling, sound quality, call quality, warranty, and acceptable battery life. It can recharge the earpieces up to four times fully. リーズ最軽量の前モデルをベースに、最高クラスの完全防水(IPX7)・最大20時間のバッテリーと、さらに改良したモデルに仕上がっています。当ブログ【マクリン】がその特徴を紹介します。 I can't decide which would be better for me? Soundcore has been doing one thing especially great since its release in 2019 and later models like the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro and the Soundcore Liberty Air 2: presentation. The $120 Liberty 2 Pro has a thick one, and can even be intensified via the app. The Liberty Neo earphones are some of the best $40 you can spend on true wireless tech. Why is true wireless connectivity so bad? These earbuds are by no means perfect; outdoor connection stutters are universally annoying, but the compromises come with the affordable territory. Learn more: Why is true wireless connectivity so bad? It has a better battery life - around 6 hours instead of 4,5, and also makes phone calls more pleasant. Microphone quality, in particular, is night and day between the two headsets, so if your days are filled with phone calls, get the Liberty Neo instead. The lyrics “the modern wolf, he’s kinder,” are relayed clearly during these first 10 seconds before deeper notes enter the song. Both can go really loud, but the M30 has volume controls. They would be used for running and potentially for trying to get to sleep. When it all comes together, the Neo can't quite grasp the individual frequencies' presence and detail. $39.99. The case is quite a bit larger than what we’ve seen from the competition. The slight de-emphasis from 20-250Hz is probably intentional as a means of combating the proximity effect—when low frequencies are distorted as a speaker gets too close to the microphone. We’ve been informed by Anker that the IPX7 rating is accurate. <3. Expertly Tuned Graphene Drivers: As graphene’s earliest pioneers, we have used our experience to create a new driver for Liberty Neo wireless headphones that takes full advantage of the material’s remarkable properties. The Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo is oddly priced at $40, making it a weird in between for people considering things like the Anker SoundCore Life P2 ($60), or JLab Go Air ($30). Liberty Neo true wireless earbuds are the embodiment of musical freedom. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is reliable up to ten meters from your device. The SoundCore branded charging case is equally uninspiring: the oblong housing is shiny and bland. Now, this headset may be supported in the future, in which case, the app will be worth downloading because it will presumably facilitate firmware updates. The Liberty Neo earphones are some of the best $40 you can spend on true wireless tech. The Soundcore Liberty Neo do a good job of balancing basic features with a low price point and are therefore pretty easy to recommend. Soundcore Liberty Neo True Wireless Earbuds Mini Charging Case XS/S/M/L EarTips XS/S/M/L EarWings Micro USB Cable Note: If Liberty Neo doesn’t immediately activate after removal from the case, hold the button on both sides for 1 second. It is inserted in the ear canal itself and blocks out a lot of environmental noise. Yes, these earbuds are very easy to use; you can control playback, adjust volume, access your virtual assistant, and answer or decline calls directly from the earbuds. $39.99. The Soundcore Liberty Neo has physical buttons, in the center of the earpieces. Both instruments and vocals sound more natural and detailed on the TrueDot. Cheap Bluetooth Earphones & Headphones, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:[Upgraded] Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo TWS True wireless earbuds With Bluetooth 5.0, Sports Sweatproof, and Noise Isolation Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Skip ahead to 1:05 to hear this: you should be able to hear the same breathy sounds resonating from her concentric “Ohs,” but can’t because the low-frequency kick drum and synth beats make it hard to perceive. It can rumble at times, but it doesn't reach the darkest tones, the deepest depths. User rating, 4 out of 5 stars with 1312 reviews. 100 times harder than steel and 35% lighter than traditional driver diaphragms, it oscillates with extreme precision to give your music a wider soundstage with exceptional accuracy … And it is easy to see why! If you're looking for a pair of earbuds for yourself or for gifting, the Prime Day sale on Anker's Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds is right up your alley. With two pushes, you activate the voice assistant on your phone. Water-resistance Switching devices requires you to manually disconnect from the current device and select the Liberty Neo headset from the secondary device’s Bluetooth menu. As is the norm for economical headsets, the Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo only supports AAC and SBC. It not only has a stronger bass - it's also more textured and refined in the lows. Bluetooth 5.0, AAC only, no aptX Take the earbuds out, hold the button on each earbud for 5s until the red light shows to turn them off. All reviews on are 100% unsponsored and honest. I'd really appreciate it if you use the links in this article. The Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo are a solid set of true wireless earphones for a casual music listener looking for an affordable option for the morning commute or gym. If all the jackets are too large, Soundcore Liberty Neo can be used without jackets. Popular . Well, rest assured all $40 you throw at the Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo goes into an all-around great product. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world though—plus, most of us are trained to prefer an adjusted frequency response with some deviations from said dotted line. —> See all TWS reviews and ratings here <—. Excellent isolation Video playback works flawlessly on Android. Yes, the Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo are a great pair of cheap true wireless earbuds. 4.7. Outside, darker surrounding noises are suppressed well from the likes of accelerating vehicles, passing traffic, and background noise. Since the housings protrude from the ear quite a bit, it’s easy to grab hold of the ‘bud while pressing the button to reduce pressure against the ear. Low frequencies like washing machines and dryers are rendered half as loud, while conversations are tamped down as well. Yes and no. It truly pained my ear canals to skip tracks or pause my music. The Liberty Neo aren’t the slimmest earbuds we’ve used. It won't cost you extra, yet it will financially support me a bit in my ongoing quest for great affordable audio. The Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo, however, while also a good product at this price point, doesn't stack up against its competitors quite as well. Soundcore Liberty Neo User Manual . Anker - Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Black. Are you looking for a balanced sound without spending too much? Everything was relayed to the person on the other line, which quickly became annoying. Not all Soundcore devices support all features shown in the screenshots. In the middle of 2020, the Amazon bestselling Soundcore Liberty Neo is still a good sounding pair of affordable earphones, but you can do better on all aspects. $40 on Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon stores - check price! Outdoor athletes should get something with ambient aware mode, or surrender to listening in mono mode, which is supported but only with the right earbud. Editor’s note: this Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo review was updated on July 31, 2020, to include a microphone quality poll and revise the sound quality score. Expertly Tuned Graphene Drivers: As graphene’s earliest pioneers, we have used our experience to create a new driver for Liberty Neo wireless earbuds that takes full advantage of the material’s remarkable properties. The Liberty Neo earbuds from the Anker sub-brand Soundcore were the first sub-$100 true wireless set I tried and I was more than pleasantly surprised by … It's a miss on earphones with sport-wings, because your phone volume rockers are often out of reach when you're exercising. Feature-packed… The Soundcore Liberty Neo is really popular amongst its users. You’re afforded a variety of ear tips and silicone sleeves, some of which are winged; to get the most out of the earbuds, make sure to find the proper combination of tips and sleeves.

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