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The trip brought … A more spectacular route heads north via Geirangerfjord, zig-zagging up mountains passes and over ferries, taking in gushing waterfalls and some of Norway’s most dramatic scenery. Reaching some 1,389 meters above sea level, it takes you through the vast landscape of Jotunheimen National Park with its magnificent snow-covered peaks, before leading you down the … National Park Scenic Route A combination of two popular cycling routes Read more. I had the same question! Pictures from the roadside. We have compiled a list of some of the best car routes and drives in Norway. What is your travel style? The Lofoten … Popular; Active; Family; Quiet escapes; Adrenaline; Tour … And we’re offering you the opportunity to download these scenic … Sightseeing Roadmaps . Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes are specially selected roads that take you through the best scenery Norway has to offer. I think there aught to be an option created so that no matter the 'fastest' route, you can save the one you like. The Ryfylke Scenic Route is one of 18 National Scenic Routes in Norway, and one of the longest and most diverse. Basecamp Geilo Adventures of all kinds Read more. Share × Share content. You have no scenic routes on your trip list. ... Nordkalotten is actually quite large and the region stretches from Norway all the way into the Kola Peninsula in Russia. At famous viewpoint Stegastein a stylish and very solid wooden footbridge platform reaches 30 metres into the air space. Country : Norway ; Map both sides : No ; Partner : State Highways Authority ; EAN : 7046660200148 ; Accommodation : campsites, hotels ; SKU : 20014 ; Scale : 1: 100 000. The Cap of the North route also passes through Abisko National Park and majestically displays the iconic view of Lapporten from the road; the u-shaped valley that is one of the most famous natural sights in Sweden. only 2 or 3 … We give you a brief overview of the National Tourist Routes in Western Norway. The Blue Road is a scenic route in its true sense. Drive the most scenic routes with your TomTom. Select a scenic route from the menu “The 18 Scenic Routes” and add it to “My trip list” using the navigation buttons. Some are located above the … Plan your trip to Norway. One of the best ways to explore the breadth of Senja’s beautiful sights is a tour along part of the National Scenic Route, one of 18 official driving routes highlighting Norway’s beautiful landscape. Norsk; Deutsch; English; Jæren. There are eighteen National Tourist Routes in Norway. Hiking & Trekking Cycling Fishing Snow­shoeing Cross-country Ski touring. But if you have a bit less free time than that and absolutely have to prioritize, then Norway’s Scenic Routes are perhaps the best way to go. Information about Coronavirus . But there are so many incredible driving routes all over the world to explore, we wanted to help you choose the right route for you. Pick a route, rent a car or … Take the wheel on this relaxed self-guided road trip as you travel through five of Norway's official scenic routes. (If you try that from regular Google Maps, your website views set their own set of points on the map, not yours). Pictures from the roadside. To some extent this road differs from many of … In the menu below you will find useful links that we hope will be helpful. Designer restrooms. Over two weeks you'll encounter a number of stunning fjords, national parks, cool mountain towns, farm stands, and varying landscapes with mile-long views. Panoramic view over Aurlandsfjord. which means i either have to look at this map or notes while driving or memorize some pretty complicated routes. Norway’s Norwegian Scenic Routes offer exceptional scenic experiences, passing through some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes. National Scenic Routes ; Language : Norwegian, English, German ; Format : Foldable ; Destinations : Å, Flakstad, Stamsund, Hamnøy, Reine, Ramberg, Vestvågøy, Henningsvær, Eggum, Kabelvåg, Svolvær. Experience Norway by car! Map. Google Maps will give you a distance and travel time with and without traffic for each route. Driving should be relaxed and exciting – journeys to be enjoyed and relished. Let’s address the elephant in the room first. The route is easily one of Norway’s best road trips for adventurers, and can be combined with the Andøya and Lofoten scenic … Description . The maps describe spectacular viewpoints, nature scenery, attractions, accommodations, dining and points of interest along the Scenic Routes. It is a perfect user-friendly versatile app. Pic: dconvertini (CC) Many of the scenic routes include the bonus of cutting-edge architecture in the … Here on Norway’s second largest island, steep mountains plunge straight into the icy ocean, idyllic white sand beaches line the coast, and colourful fishing villages lie in sheltered coves. The main road through Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada offers drivers 10.5 miles of some of the most breathtaking scenery in America's Southwest. A boat trip that ends almost at the Jostadalsbreen glacier is a wonderful way to experience the natural surroundings. Driving along Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye allows you to experience some of the most striking contrasts of the Norwegian landscape. Read more. The route is marked in Google Maps as FV17, and originally it starts in Holm, although you need to take a turn out of the highway after passing Steinkjer. ! This classic route is for any traveller who wants to tick off all the main attractions during their road trip across Norway. About the scenic route. Or rather, the troll in the fjord: Trolltunga means “troll’s tongue” and is one of the most famous and scenic cliffs in the country, hovering 700 meters (2296 feet) above lake Ringedalsvatnet. Where to find and how to reach … Norway’s 18 designated scenic routes (Nasjonale touristveger) take you off the main roads and through some of the country’s most awesome scenery. A car whipped past, the driver eating and a passenger … Add to MyTrips. These maps still denote scenic routes with a dotted-line (green for AAA, small green dots underscored with a pink line the Rand McNally road atlases we also use). Historical Route Jotunheimen A mountaineers paradise Read more. Plan your trip to Norway . Winter Summer. There's an entire scenic route dedicated to this area, aptly named the Norwegian Scenic Route Senja. From Balestrand you can make beautiful detours. but this does not work with voice navigation when i'm behind the wheel quite difficult. Brochure. Using descriptive texts and pictures, the Sightseeing Roadmaps indicate spots on the map where you can … The selected route is displayed in blue with yellow and red traffic overlays. By clicking each location you will find the corresponding position on the map. Power up … Continue reading "Scenic Routes" Customize your trip with help from a … We drove a small portion of the route in 2018 when we visited Pulpit Rock from Stavanger, and covered much of the rest of it from Odda. The toilets along the Norwegian Scenic Routes are architectural masterpieces. The end of it is almost in Bodo, the close town of Godøystraumen. How to find scenic route using Google Maps. You can switch between them in the map or in the list … really wish the folks at google would work on this since google maps is so popular but doesn't allow any custom routes. The alternate routes are shown as grey lines on the map. More information; Language; About us; Press; Search. There are eighteen National Tourist Routes in Norway. Several of the descriptions with accompanying illustrations have been placed directly in the map in order to give the user a good visual presentation of the route. Ten of them are located in Western Norway. Finish the adventure with some urban culture in Norway's second largest city (Bergen) with its great restaurant scene and wharfside … Be inspired. Close to Flåm: One of Norway's most scenic fjord views. Detailed road maps with Sightseeing Roadmaps that provide a good overview of the popular tourist destinations. We try to piece together a route that includes as many of these dotted line routes — though depending on the scale of the map we’re using, those scenic routes can be pretty sparse. Google Maps is believed to be the most widely used tool. All adventures . This scenic drive includes the cities of Oslo and Bergen, plus national tourist routes that go past stunning fjords such as Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. Learn how to create your own. The Classic Norway Route – 10 day driving tour of Norway. It is still allowed to dream about the experiences you will have after the pandemic is over, but in the meanwhile please be updated on the information below. Browse More Adventures. Back to the nature Cultural experiences … The Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke is an exciting encounter with the very best of Fjord Norway – with stunning fjords, a … Norway Roadtrip Map of Scenic Routes and Attractions. Funding from government has enabled improved conditions and facilities along the roads. Google Maps will give you a few route suggestions that will be listed in the left panel and displayed on the map. Windy, narrow and scenic, this route passes over 59 bridges, 46 of which are only one lane wide. i have the same problem, i use google's custom mymaps for work. Determining location, exploring surrounding places, measuring the distance between two points, finding gas stations on routes on Google Maps, and its most important function providing directions to the walkers or drivers or bikers seem as incredible assistance for … Do you ever wanted to have a bird's view over a fjord landscape? Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet runs from Balestrand to Moskog and from Sande to Eldalsosen, a total distance of 114 km (Road 55/613/610). The maps are available in three languages: Norwegian, English and German. This area is one of the most popular locations for shooting automobile commercials - it's the sort of place everyone wants to drive. Scenic routes. The 49-kilometer long route runs from Garli to Hindsæter along Road 51. … To use this map, expand it using the square symbol on the top right-hand side and then look to the key on the left-hand side. Ten of them are located in Western Norway, in the fjords. Valley of Fire Road, Nevada, USA. Norway has a lot of absurdly scenic roads, but it also has its fair share of boring highways. An easy way to find Norway’s most scenic roads is by using the National Tourist Routes map. Norwegian Scenic Route Senja is 102 kilometers long and travels between Gryllefjord and Botnhamn, with detours to the small settlements of Mefjordvær and Husøy. You could do the whole journey with two long days of driving, but this is not a route you’ll want to rush – you’re best off taking a few days to make the most of landscape, and give yourself plenty of time to stop off for some … And you definitely don’t want to spend the bulk of your epic Norwegian road trip driving through tunnels, which Norway has a lot of. Here is a brief overview of the National Tourist Routes in the … Continue reading "National Tourist Routes" The Eggum pit stop in Lofoten is the smallest design created by the internationally acclaimed Snøhetta, while the loo in Selvika along Scenic Route Havøysund is signed Reiulf Ramstad.. Common to them all is that the roads are going through some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery that Norway has to offer. Senja, Norway’s second largest island, is filled with gorgeous viewpoints, spectacular hikes, and charming villages. So I'm continuing to develop niche websites using it. From passing places to viewpoints and restrooms, the program of improvements will continue through to 2023. Rest stops and picnic areas are now combined with … Red lines denote the different Norway Scenic Routes; Blue circles with a star denote an attraction; Green circles denote waterfalls; Black … Use the National Scenic Routes in Norway as a guide. Sightseeing Roadmaps and National Scenic Routes in Norway contain detailed road maps indicating popular Norwegian attractions, activities and places of interest. The road leads alongside and above steep-sloped fjords, across lake-filled mountain plateaus, and past dramatic gorges and waterfalls. Enjoy stunning nature scenery along the national tourist routes and find hidden gems along the way. 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord it allows a unique view over the surrounding landscape. Written by Jacqueline Kehoe, updated Jan 7, 2020. Below, we chose the most spectacular ones; from Hardangervidda to the south all the way to Andøya in the north. And let's not forget world-famous waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters and the … This map was created by a user. It’s a challenging 10-12 hour hike that starts in Skjeggedal and goes through the high mountains, so you need to be mindful of your limits, as well as the weather—it’s not … Common to them all is that the roads are going through some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery that Norway has to offer. Customize your trip with help from a local travel specialist. All except one are designed by well-known or up and coming Norwegian architecture firms.. Just to warn you, their … The idea behind these incredible drives is to make it easy to see the country’s best bits and give a boost to the rural economy at the same time. A few … That’s why we’ve developed a list of the 25 Ultimate Drives in Europe. You'll start in ... Map Map of 5 Top Norway Road Trips: Villages, Fjords, & Scenic Routes. Due to the situation with Coronavirus, much of Northern Norway and Norway, in general, will be closed down for visitors from certain countries. Too many times, Google Maps has routed us through housing areas just for an extra 2 minutes of 'faster' even when we liked the original route trip to our destination and would have preferred the same one back! For more tourist information, … Along the way are viewpoints and picnic areas, designed to enhance the pleasure of travellers and to fit in with the surrounding scenery. Plan Your Trip. Eighteen routes in total, Norway’s ‘Nasjonale touristveger’ are covering the whole western coast of the country. But I'm not expecting it to be closed down soon- it enables people to add individual content to Google Maps in a curated way, and it's the tool for letting people embed routes or sets of points in their own websites.

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