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Crocs! At least he stalled 'em. Yep, I've been working on a new video project, so I felt I can share this of Askari and the first Royal Lion Guard. Kiburi. They were all in groups of five, and all made from five lions. He is an evil gorilla Let's see, Kion's just laying on top of him, he's pretty sure those other Guard members were encouraging him to lay on top of him before they mysteriously vanished, and even Mzingo barely reacted when he saw him under the leader of the Lion Guard. It follows the adventures of Kion, Simba's second-born cub, and his companions in a peacekeeping team that makes use of all their unique abilities, including Kion's roar which channels the powers of the great Kings of the past. But in the episode "The Savannah Summit", he reformed and became a good character. Curb-Stomp Battle: The Guard take on Kiburi's three followers for attempting to ambush Simba, and it doesn't take long for the Guard to dispatch all three crocs. Donald, Goofy, and the Guard will be dead, and Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Mickey will come with me to forge the X-Blade for Xehanort." Janja: It was just a bit of bad luck Scar really. Common is the voice of Kiburi in The Lion Guard. Hodari? The Guard plays the original Guard which was led by a lion named Askari. Kiburi reluctantly gives in, and the float leaves the Pride Lands. This is my first quiz on Quotev, so I wanted to start with something easier. explained Ushari. "The Return of Kiburi" is the 30th episode of Xiaolin Showdown (TheWildAnimal13 Style). They go back and the Lion Guard leader... angaxtai; desireofthesoul; chuluunxmakucha +22 more #12. We just have to move fast and take down Makuu before the Lion Guard even knows we're in the Pride Lands. Kiburi (voiced by Common) is a former member of Makuu's float until he betrayed Makuu in The Lion Guard. lionobsession. Kenge is the titular main antagonist of The Lion Guard episode "The Bite of Kenge". Kiburi Baadaye Lion Guard. "HAPANA!" The series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. "And in that time, Scar will spring his army onto them and the world-travelers. Kiburi is a crocodile from The Lion Guard. Hodari accidentally reveals Makuu's injury to Kiburi, inspiring the latter to take over Makuu's float. Kiburi's Float is a group of the three crocodiles they are led by kiburi. Bunga is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa, adopted brother of Simba, the best friend of Kion and the deuteragonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, both based on the 1994 film The Lion King. Something that will disrupt the peace within the Pridelands. they are antagonists of the tv series the lion guard. The Lion Guard › Kiburi. Kiburi: The Lion Guard forced us out before we even got to Mizimu Grove. Fuli is a confident and tomboyish cheetah cub who shows great pride in her running abilities. He is the son of Pua, and the Brother of Makuu. Ono shouted, Fuli turned and stopped to look at Ono, "What's wrong Ono," Fuli asked. He is a ferocious monitor lizard who is friends with Ushari and Scar, as well as one of Bunga's archenemies. In the Pridelands, the Kiburi Baadaye are setting up a new Lion Guard to protect the animals within and keep the Circle of Life at the centre of their lives. Kiburi began to scan the area for crocs and the Lion Guard just to make sure they didn’t blast I’m away thinking he was an enemy. I thought the gecko was going to get us past the Lion Guard. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. 3.9K 87 22. NEW UPDATED VERSION Including Reirei, Goigoi, Janja, Kiburi, Cheezi, Makucha, Chungu, Mzingo, Mwoga. When Makuu leaves with the Lion Guard to speak to Simba about new sleeping arrangements, Kiburi seizes control of the float, inspiring them to join him in taking over the water holes in the Pride Lands. He attempts to use Hodari's friendship with the Lion Guard to his advantage, but Kion is adamant about Kiburi's banishment and commands the float to return to the Outlands. Im sorry for my grammar. —Kiburi's float attempt to slow down the Lion Guard's progress in getting the volcanic ash to cure Simba "Ha! We thought maybe you decided to stay with your Lion Guard friends. They're not my friends anymore. Makuu is a recurring character in The Lion Guard. The Lion Guard is an animated TV series taking place in the Lion King universe, debuting in 2015 and spanning three seasons in a serialized arc. As The Lion Guard was running Ono hears something, "HELP!" Lion Guard belongs to Disney. Scar wants to get rid of the Lion Guard, and Janja's hyenas." He was voiced by Kristofer Hivju. This is a transcript for Return to the Pride Lands from Bubble Guppies' Adventures of The Lion Guard. The Lion Guard Let Sleeping Crocs Lie. Janja's pretty sure the entirety of the Pridelands may have gone insane. Reverse-Tail-Whip is no good when you got someone on your tail." SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? As Ma Tembo states the Guard was made up of lions at the last Ukumbusho, Zigo the elephant has Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, and Ono cover themselves in mud before she covers the four with dust to make them look like lions while Timon and Pumbaa help them practice for their performance. Her name means "Very Fast" in Swahili language. King Taji feels this is happening at the right moment as he feels something is coming. Kiburi is a crocodile and one of the antagonist characters in Disney's the Lion Guard. Character Information Fuli is one of the main characters of the show, The Lion Guard. "Friends, today, we will end Simba's reign, capture those four lights, and destroy the Lion Guard." Trivia Kibrui will become Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup's enemy in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup& Friends' Storm Adventures of The Lion Guard: Let Sleeping Crocs Lie. Kiburi is a long, sleek reptile with large, sharp teeth and patterns emerging from under his tail along with two dark green spots under his chin. That will draw the travelers' and Lion Guard's attention over here to retrieve volcanic ash to heal the sting." Who dares come any closer? Oh, yay. Maliha, in the Kiburi Baadaye Pride, discovered a deserted cave, behind Pride Rock, that was filled with colourful drawings of lions. When Kion and the Lion Guard discover an injured lion cub in the Pridelands, they are shocked to discover that the cub has wings, something never seen or heard of as far as they know. Kiburi's Floatis a float of crocodiles led byKiburithat live in theOutlands. Their allies were getting ready elsewhere for Scar's plan to end the Lion Guard and capture the wielders of light. English is not my mother language. My Reason: Design characters to be a part of the new Lion Guard. In the middle, we have Askari, the Fiercest who Founded the Lion Guard as a teen when a group of rogues tried to take over the Kiburi Pride Lands.He was known as a brave and knowledgeable leader who laid down his life for the Kiburi Pride Lands. Kiburi is a male crocodile. Under of Jasiri's leadership, Baba follows hius daughter's lead and helps the clan to foil Scar's attacks on the Pride Lands by blocking Janja's clan's advance to the Pride Lands with a rockslide, later making Kiburi's float to fall into a concealed ditch and later sealing the jackals into their cave with the large rolling boulder, allowing the Lion Guard to defeat all three attacks one by one. They looked confused. He is a member of Scar's army. He later appeared as a minor antagonist of the episode "The Scorpion's Sting", alongside the rest of the Army of Scar. TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. Scar announced evilly, "Great!" He is a male crocodile that is banished from the Pride Lands with his three loyal crocodiles to the Outlands. Kiburi: We can fight just fine when things don't go according to plan. "Kiburi and his float are attacking animals at … Someone cried, Ono looks to the right and uses his vision to see what's going on. Little do they know, the cub comes with a … The Lion Guard: See Makuu, Pua, Makuu's Float, Kiburi, Kiburi's Float Egyptian Cobra (Naja haje) Edit The Lion Guard: See Ushari African Common Toad (Amietophrynus regularis) Edit The Lion Guard: See Chura Fire Skink (Lepidothyris fernandi) Edit The Lion Guard: See Shupavu Rainbow Mabuya (Trachylepis margaritifera) Edit The Lion Guard: See Njano The crocs took a step forward, none of them being afraid of whoever it was. Kiburi. Meanwhile in the Outlands, Scar had gathered Janja, Ushari, Reirei, Kiburi, and Mzingo to the volcano. Kiburi! Scar: And I thought the crocs were the best fighters. Spoke a deep voice. Trivia I'm back. Lion Guard, Mystery of the roar by ZombieChameleon. 1 Personality 2 History 3 Gallery 3.1 Images 4 See also 5 Navigation He was originally a villain and served as an enemy to The Lion Guard. —Kiburi "Keep movin'. Kiburi VOICE Common. He is one of the three tertiary antagonists of Legends of the Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pride Lands, with Reirei and Mzingo. He is voiced by Blair Underwood. The Lion Guard rescues him from falling into a pit trap, Hodari prevents him from being killed by Kiburi, and the Prideland leaders, along with the Lion Guard, help him to thwart another attempt by the Outlanders to steal the crocs' watering hole. She is the fastest and first female member of the lion guard. Everyone Has Standards : Makuu was already angry enough at the Guard as it is that he and his float were awoken from hibernation, but to resort to attacking the king is even more deplorable. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. (First Lion Guard story.) We gotta pile up a lot more of this stuff before the vultures arrive. Kiburi (called Pili in closed captions) is one of the three tertiary antagonists of The Lion Guard, with Reirei and Mzingo. He is a member of the Scar's Army. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. The Lion Guard return to their home, the Pride Lands, only to find out their true place in the Circle of Life is the Tree of Life. Comments Add a Comment.

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