how much does it cost to replace gas logs

This won’t include the gas inserts, which will add another $2,000 to $5,000 to the total. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Did we mention it’s free? Connect with a local authorized dealer today for a no-obligation consultation. It does not cover costs for adding a free-standing gas fireplace. Impact drill for drilling a hole in the fireplace brick for the gas line. Talk to your installer to determine if this project will require a permit or inspection. How much you'll pay to repair a gas fireplace will vary depending on where you live , the complexity of the damage, and the type of material or stone that needs fixing. Ventless gas logs, which are used without a chimney, cost between $350 and $600 without installation. These logs will be made from ceramic or a refractory cement mixture designed to withstand high heat. Pipe sealant or flaring tools for copper gas lines. On average, chimney flue installation costs come in at around £1,700. The average sets cost somewhere in the $400-$700 range. You'll typically pay a master plumber between $45 to $150 per hour for the work. Installation and other options add to the total cost. Answered by LCD: If a free-standing gas stove type vented straight through the wall - probably about $250-350 to remove it and cap off electric and gas, plus whatever cost for sealing the holes in the wall and siding and putting in your entertainment center. (Note that the cost of installing vent-free gas logs is often about $200 more than the cost for vented.) 24-in 30000-BTU Dual-Burner Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs with with Thermostat The average cost of a gas log fireplace is around $250 for a basic set and DIY installation. Gas fireplaces come in two configurations: vented and ventless. Average Cost of Gas Fireplace and Installation, Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs, Share Your Project Cost for Others to Compare, nothing reaches the popularity of gas logs, replace a gas furnace for heating your home, Solid or flexible gas line run to the fireplace, Cabin Fever? Have unvented gas logs or a vent-free insert installed Have vented gas logs installed To help you consider your options, the chart below clearly lays out the facts. Vented gas [ 1] logs (need a working chimney) run about $300-$550, and ventless/unvented gas logs (without a working chimney or pipes) are $350-$600, with installation estimated at $200-$350 for a basic project, according to DIY Network – Has a short tutorial about installing gas logs if you ALREADY have a gas line, and are only swapping out the log unit itself. Jump back to these main areas of our website. Typically, log sets can cost anywhere from just over $100 to over $1000. If you have a natural gas water heater, oven, clothes dryer or other gas appliance, you're already set up for a gas log set. You can expect to pay between $390 to $1,790 for most gas log fireplace installations. Extension ladder to get to roof and inspect top of chimney. For high end gas fireplace logs, the cost can go up to as high as $3,100 or more. You will find a listing of companies in your area who are members of the NFI. Assuming no gas lines or ventilation has to be replaced, the cost to replace an existing fireplace ranges between $1,000 and $3,000. Only hire people who are qualified for the job. For high end gas fireplace logs, the cost can go up to as high as $3,100 or more. If you had a fence, share how many gates, the height, etc. Glass Doors and Enclosures – If you’re required to add a set of glass doors or an enclosure, expect the cost to increase. Once you understand the features and how they affect the cost, you can decide if you want them or not. The process of setting the logs into the fireplace, arranging the embers and logs onto the burner etc, are all pretty basic steps. Vented gas log sets can be slightly less expensive. The average cost for clients of My Hoosier Hearth for a vent-free box, logs, cabinet and installation can cost $2,000–$4,000. When installing a new stove, it is often essential that you add a new or replace an old chimney flue. Buy your own Gas logs and DIY installation. Common hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Gas fireplaces are an attractive and energy-efficient way of heating a room in your home. Replace Your Gas Logs. While pellet stoves and electric fireplaces are also common, nothing reaches the popularity of gas logs for the look and heat they provide. How Much Does A Fireplace Add to the Value of A Home? The gas logs parts will range between $150 – $1,200 for very high-end logs with blower units. This amount could be more if you need a gas line installed, or any existing parts replaced. Vented gas logs, which need a chimney, cost between $300 and $500, not including installation. (installing a chimney cap for instance). The following features and factors will help you understand why some gas fireplace logs cost more than others. Natural gas logs must be hard-piped to an appliance from buried gas service lines. Bundle multiple projects into one, to save on the cumulative total. The cost of a ventless gas fireplace is $500 to $2,500, and while there are additional installation costs, you may pay extra for finish work (such as a mantle, marble surround, etc.) This page of Costimates is going to help you learn more about the features and accessories that will affect gas log retail prices and installation costs. They burn clean natural gas or propane and aside from the appealing look, gas logs provide an invaluable source of emergency heating when the power goes out in the winter months and your furnace, heat pump, or heating system is shut off since most gas logs can run without electricity. Direct-vent units are much easier and less expensive to install than traditional wood-burning or gas masonry units, and there's greater flexibility in placement. Gas logs are a staple of new homes, in favor of the older wood burning fireplaces. The average cost of gas fireplace installation ranges from $750 – $1250. Please use your real name, and enjoy real discussion on the topic. Gas log sets also have fewer working parts and, in our experience, tend to last longer and break down less than gas inserts. Be aware in advance that just like gas furnace installation, working with natural gas is no joke, and your family safety is at risk. Gas logs are widely replacing the wood burning fireplace in the living room of homes across the country. The cost to convert a fireplace to gas is a major consideration. Installing a Gas Fireplace Log Set is not a 100% DIY Project. I have installed my own logs many times, as both replacement sets and new installation. The biggest update you can give to your appliance is a change in your hearth. Vented gas logs produce carbon monoxide emissions so your fireplace must have a chimney or flue. Pipe wrench possibly needed for black iron pipe. Most gas fireplaces may already come with logs, while others do not. Your gas log questions answered by our expert! Gas fireplaces are easier to install than wood-burning options and cost less to run, which makes them an excellent retrofit for homeowners who want a fireplace in a room that does not have one existing.Adding a stone gas fireplace to a room that does not already have one costs Questions & Answers. Usually Includes: Gas Log Kit (Vented or Vent-free), Natural Gas Line Installation (Or Propane), Permits & Inspections as Needed, All Labor and Supplies to Complete the Project. In order to help us and others understand the detailed nature of your project, please include as many details as possible. I suggest talking to a local pro before buying any set of logs. Learn more about buying the right logs at. Gas log installation usually costs between $200 and $350. The average cost to install a gas stove is £850 with the average cost of the unit being £750. Gas inserts are the middle option in terms of price. Your email address will not be published. When hiring a local contractor to do the job, expect them to provide advice on the type of logs (vented or non-vented logs) that best suit your home and chimney requirements. Cost of Gas Log Sets: Most gas log sets, whether vented or vent-less, are pretty comparable in price. If gas or electric lines need to be run to the fireplace, I would suggest hiring a pro to handle at least that portion of the project. Upsides to a Gas Fireplace Insert. Gas fireplace inserts can be used in masonry or prefab fireplaces; they can be vented through the existing chimney (or a wall for a free-standing unit). Vented vs Ventless Gas Logs. (Provide a Brief Title About Your Project, Repair, Remodel, etc), (Used so others in your area can compare). On the low end, DIY is common when a gas line is already in place or you are replacing an existing set of gas logs. Unless you’re replacing an existing set, there will be some preparation work and installation supplies needed before you can install a set into your fireplace. Next, depending on the type of gas fireplace you want, a vented or vent-free gas log setup could cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. Vented gas log sets offer a full, authentic-looking flame presentation with plenty of ambiance while ventless gas log sets provide a reliable and efficient heating source.. Vented gas logs are designed to be used in an existing wood burning fireplace with a fully functional chimney. Overall, gas log sets are more affordable to install than a full gas insert. When a professional installer provides a gas log installation estimate for you, it will likely include the following items: Aside from the items above that are likely to be included, there are a few more things you might want to include in the cost to install your new gas logs. In this case… I’m going to suggest using a Pro, since you really can DIY and use a pro on one project! Most gas plumbers will charge between $100-$150 per hour, although rates vary from city to city. This makes the total cost for a gas fireplace between $2,750 and $7,300. Do you have business that specializes in gas log installation? It depends on the type as there are three of … Try These Home Projects to stay Busy, If you’re buying your own set from a big box store, make sure you purchase the right kind for your fireplace, as well as the right size for the firebox. Whether a plumbing professional or handyman installs your new gas fireplace logs, or if you choose to take the DIY installation route, you can expect the following tools to be needed. How much do gas fireplace inserts cost? Offer to help the installer versus them needing a helper. Gas fireplace logs are a very a popular do it yourself home improvement project, or if you prefer, they can be installed by a handyman, plumber or HVAC contractor in about a half-day, at a very affordable installation cost. If nothing more, should you decide to install gas logs yourself, make sure you have a plumber inspect the gas line connections. The things that will cause you to pay more for your gas log installation are all related to the utilities you have available, how far they are and of course, the type of fireplace on your home. If you know the necessary steps, you’ll be able to burn gas in your fireplace in no time (and without breaking the bank). You might pay an extra $100 or less for a permit. It doesn't burn as hot as LP and other gases, but it costs much less. We moderate the comments our friends and visitors submit to our site, and do our best to keep spam to a minimum. What is the best rated gas fireplace inserts product? Finally, you will learn about the specialized tools or equipment you may need if you choose to install gas logs yourself, as well as a few ways you might save some money on gas logs. You simply need an outlet where you want it to go. They produce tall, golden flames and are a very realistic-looking replacement for real wood logs. Compatible with any Vent-Free gas log set including all Pleasant Hearth brand Vent-Free Gas Logs. To enter, just head to our Facebook Page, click the Monthly Contests tab and enter the giveaway. Generally, full installation of your gas logs should cost between $200 and $350. Both require the same type of natural gas or propane connection, so there is no cost difference in terms of plumbing. If so, contact us and point us to the page on your website where we can learn more about what you do, and how that page would be useful to other readers of our site. You can improve the appearance of your fireplace by switching the current logs for a new set that provides a more appealing look. What do You Think? Gas Log Features – Features like remote controls, unvented logs and the higher quality and visual appearing logs cost more. This amount does not include the cost of obtaining an installation permit, which is discussed below. It lists the time at 1 hour and the estimated cost at around $100. Some top-of-the-line gas fireplaces may cost as much as $5,000 to $10,000 or more. Artificial logs can cost $100 to $1,000, depending on the quality and range. You can expect to pay between $390 to $1,790 for most gas log fireplace installations. A gas log kit might cost $750 to … Once the logs are chosen the contractor will likely clean your chimney and may install a stainless chimney liner if required. The cost of operating a gas fireplace depends, of course, on the cost of gas, and that cost varies considerably by location, season and market conditions. About Our Site | Privacy Matters | Contact Us | Website TOS | Professional installation of high performance gas logs, including running of a new gas line to the fireplace, is around $1,470 – $1,750. If you want to offer other ways to save, please share them below. If your set requires electricity, an electrical inspection may be required as well. An important part of installation is hiring a licensed contractor to install a gas outlet in the firebox. Gas Log Insert Prices; Model Average Cost; ProCom 24" Vent-Free Natural Gas Log Set with Manual Control: $179: Northern Flame Country Oak Vented Gas Log Set 24” $395: Napoleon Fiberglow Ceramic Vented Gas Log Set - 24" $869: NAPOLEON 30" Vent-Free Natural Gas Log Set: $1,129 Inserts cost $3,000 to $4,000, including installation and a chimney liner. Like gas logs and gas fireplaces, your gas insert comes in the vented and vent-free models. If so, you’ll love to know that we give away a new item every now and then! For instance, if you had a pool installed, tell us the size. Gas Log Kit (Vented or Vent-free), Natural Gas Line Installation (Or Propane), Permits & Inspections as Needed, All Labor and Supplies to Complete the Project. Cost of Gas Logs. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a good understanding of gas logs, the cost variable from vented and unvented, accessories that will add to your bottom line cost, as well as factors within your home that will help you estimate installation cost in your area. How much does a chimney flue installation cost? Installation usually requires an inspection for safety. Even if you install your own set, you should call in a pro and pay the service call fee to inspect your work and assure you’ve done it right. On average, the cost to repair a gas fireplace can range from as little as $40 to $60, and as high as $2,000 or more. Along with the gas line bringing fuel to the log set, venting and other factors will be inspected. Direct-vent gas fireplaces are recommended for their efficiency; 70 percent of the heat they generate remains in the house. Note: This page is about running a set of gas logs into your existing fireplace. How Much Does it Cost to Replace A Fireplace? Do you like Free Products? Also, like a gas log, you usually need an existing fireplace or chimney to install. Cost to Run a Gas Line. We’ve pulled some of our popular sets below. Required fields are marked *. To run a new gas line, it'll cost an average of $535.However, it can range anywhere from $120 to $1,350.Most homeowners spend between $259 and $815.. Budget $15 to $25 per linear foot for new and replacement lines, including the labor, piping and materials. Most gas fireplace inserts range from $250 to $800 in price. Regardless of which route you take, natural gas and fire are two very serious things to consider, since a faulty installation or preparations can both result in death. Gas inserts require little maintenance beyond an annual $75 to $125 checkup. National Fireplace Institute – If you prefer to work with a professional who is qualified through the NFI, use the locator service on the page. Electric fireplaces do not need vents or special plumbing. For instance, if you don’t have a cap on the top of your chimney flue, now might be a good time as about having it installed at the same time. We are going to discuss Gas Fireplace Logs in this Installation Cost Guide, and what you can expect to have done when you hire a company to install them for you, and which parts and tasks are usually included in the gas log installation cost. I’ve always used a pro for running the gas and/or electrical lines, as well as the initial startup and leak testing! The cost of a built-in unit ranges from $300 to $1,000. Expect to pay even more if you have a complex setup. Wondering how much it’ll cost to swap out your existing fireplace with a gas insert? The cost of the firebox unit or insert and the log assemblies are roughly the same for both ventless and vented gas fireplaces. If you already have a set of gas logs in place, this is easily a DIY project that most handy homeowners can accomplish in just a few hours. The cost of installation for your gas log fireplace will be determined by several factors. Your email address will not be published. Cost of Ventless Gas Fireplaces vs. Other Options . On the low end, DIY is common when a gas line is already in place or you are replacing an existing set of gas logs. Gas inserts cost $2,000 to $5,500. While some homeowners may prefer the smell and appearance of a traditional wood fireplace, gas fireplace logs are much easier to light, cleaner to run, can provide more heat to your home, and depending on your budget, can look almost as real as their counterpart. Good luck! Details are the most important part of this. Costs to convert wood fireplace to gas Installing a gas line and either vented or vent-free gas logs will cost from $500 to $2,500. $150.00 will get you a set of gas logs with burner and parts. Hansen Wholesale – Has a great resource page to learn more about installation and also where to find installers for gas logs. More + Product Details Close. The cost to replace gas logs varies depending on the size, material, and brand. Adding these logs often add an authentic look and the coal bed beneath can add a fireplace glow. Not only do you need to know if your gas line can accommodate the new gas logs, many dealers get better pricing on higher quality sets than you find in stores. If your question isn't listed or if you need more information, call us toll-free at 877-743-2269. Ventless logs do not put off these emissions so no chimney or flue is needed, and the heat is more likely to stay in your space. is an online library of home improvement cost estimates, to help homeowners learn, plan, budget and compare repair pricing and replacement costs around their house. Finally, you’ll get our opinion on DIY installation, as well as a comparison of purchase an installation costs from other leading sources on the web, and a table where homeowners like yourself have shared their own costs related to putting a set in the fireplace at their own home. However, this cost evens out in the long run since installation costs tend to be slightly higher for vented than vent-less. Fireplaces can boost a home’s value by as much as $15,000 in certain parts of the country. Of course, buying the gas logs and installing them yourself is a great way to save money on gas log installation. Cost of Gas Log Installation. Email Address (will not be published) (required). A gas to wood burning firebox conversion allows the use of the fireplace damper (not available for gas fireplaces). The price variance depends greatly on how much gas line needs to be installed as well as the customer’s appliance (fireplace) choice.

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