cut corner hot tub

Measure the distance from the imaginary corner, A, to the point at which the curvature stops, B. 1 Year Warranty Term (Warranted for INDOOR USE only), It is NOT A SAFETY COVER as it only has two straps and thus cannot carry the safety cover labeling. Some have interlocking systems, which makes installation easier. Barrel hot tub made from Spruce. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging of your hot tub cover. The Rendezvous Discovery is the perfect spa for tight spaces – its triangle shape makes it a great corner hot tub that virtually disappears. You can choose the hot tub with an internal heater or with an external wood fired heater. Is shipping to an offshore island or remote mountain location, Hawaii, Alaska or New York City. $399.95 FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA! This replacement hot tub cover has a 12” corner cut. Free postage. Please double-check your measurements in relation to the fold orientation. Select ONE of the following colors from the drop-down box. All Deluxe Hot Tub Covers include: In addition to the standard features listed above, Deluxe Hot Tub Covers come with the following premium features: All Ultimate Hot Tub Covers are made to order with the exact measurements provided to ensure a perfect fit. Marquis’ eye for detail knows no bounds, nor does it cut corners when it comes to hydrotherapy innovation. This all adds up to a great replacement hot tub cover providing a durable and lasting cover. All spa covers are custom built to order under strict and exacting manufacturing tolerances at the 90,000 sf state of the art factory located in Tampa Florida. Two Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier 5" x 3" Tapered 1# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores, The Thermal Guardian ULTRA spa cover model is a great spa cover for people that are looking for great energy-efficiency, but want to keep the weight of the product down. All hot tub covers come equipped with four (4) tie down straps (placed north, south, east and west of the fold) and two (2) black nylon standard handles (placed north and south of the fold). And we saved 1/2 on what 220 volt 5 person tubs go for. That's 12 mil of protection to keep your foam cores nice and dry and not absorbing water. CAN BE ADDED INDIVIDUALLY OR IN AN UPGRADE COMBO, Enjoy the added convenience of rubber-grip handles when opening and closing your new hot tub cover. We make all covers to your specifications. Square or Rectangle with Radius Corners. Canadian Spa Company Corner Steps Square Surround Furniture. Round down any dimensions of cut corners or radius corners. Depending on the time of year, our manufacturing lead-time fluctuates. For a very limited time the foam Inserts are double wrapped and heat sealed with TWO thick 4 mil poly vapor moisture barriers to doubly protect against water absorption. Warranty is void if the cover is used outdoors. Hot Tub Update. Custom cover: 1: £309.00 : Total: £309.00: Your cover details Maker: Custom clear ©2020 . Our standard 6 mil vapour barrier is comprised of a 3 mil barrier on the top of the cover, and another 3 mil barrier on the bottom. If you have any doubt in how to check your corner cut measurement, please call us on 020 8959 1529. Please, refuse the delivery if there is ANY damage to the cover. The BASIC spa cover is designed for indoor use and is ONLY WARRANTED FOR INDOOR USE. Ultimate Two Cut Corner Hot Tub Cover 5" x 3" Taper | Canadian Made | Best Prices | Upgrades Included | Perfect Fit | Free Shipping across Canada ! Cut Corner Spa. This allows room for the hot tub to be removed if needed while supporting the decking. Each Hot Tub Cover offers a 4" X 2" 1 lb density Tapered Foam core. Cutting out the electrical wiring will also leave the frame of the hot tub behind. Detailed Instructions to Order a 2-Cut Corners Hot Tub Cover: Step 1: Provide Fold Direction & Measurements for your cover. NOTE: You will NOT lose steam from your spa with the standard steam-stoppers. Easily lift your new cover with its reinforced handles. ... Standard Rounded Square Hot Tub … A custom hot tub cover, with one cut corner and radius. All genuine Aegean hot tub covers come with a 1 year warranty as a minimum. The only issue I was having was how to cover the corners. This less than 1 minute video shows how to measure the radius dimension for replacement hot tub covers and spa covers. Polyester fabric (waterproof). * The perfect two person hot tub, The Rendezvous allows you and a companion to settle in and share a luxurious massage. Our hot tub covers come equip with steam stoppers to help keep the heat in, and double stitched marine grade vinyl for extra UV protection & reinforcement. The inlet valve that sucks the water from the hot tub to the filter and heater might be blocked. All custom Standard Two Cut Corners Hot Tub Covers are made to order with the exact measurements provided to ensure a perfect fit. The shipping companies deliver Monday through Friday during regular business hours if delivering to a residence. Follow the square and rectangle spa cover procedure and add the radius measurement. Please select ONE of the following options: The Thermal Guardian BASIC spa cover is an economy grade product targeted for use on spas that are indoors. This unique water feature is centered on the floor of the spa.

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