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- How to obtain: > You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Beginner Lv. When cooking you really want to achieve the fastest possible cooking time. Edit: What I have tested to come to this conclusion is that cooking a certain number of a category of food (white, green, blue, or yellow) gives 1%. Cooking is one of the most useful Life Skills in the game, and is a must if you want to build your account. Go to your residence, place the cooking utensil in the residence, stand next to it, press R, and place the … The #1 material sold on BDO marketplace is Beer. - Cooldown: 30 min. 1 [Green] Rarity = 3 [White] Rarity (ex: 1 High-Quality Corn = 3 Corn. In BDO, cooking is a highly useful life skill that can earn you a lot of silver if done correctly. From other wiki: Lizard Meat=Lizard/Worm/Waragon/Cheetah Dragon Max MP(EP)/WP/SP +50 - Duration: 60 min. Posted: (5 days ago) Eminent’s BDO Cooking Guide. Collect the ingredients, each batch needs 5x grain, 1x sugar, 2x leavening agents and 6x water. Fish = 1 Dried [Green] Fish/2 Dried White fish For dishes used as components: For example at my current cooking level with a few buffs on it takes about 300+ white or 200+ green or 190 blue or 41 orange foods for 1 %. Conclusion. For ingredients used as components (Not created dishes): Cooking brings together various ingredients to make useful dishes, like beer to feed your workers. 3. This speed can decrease or increase based on your gear, buffs and cooking tool. Cooking is a great thing to do in the game to feed your workers, pets and yourself. Combine 3 eggs, 6 mineral water, 1 salt and 1 cooking wine into 6 batches of Boiled Bird Eggs. For all recipes designs you can use the general substitution rules: 2 Dried Seafood or 1 dried green Seafood Squid, Terrapin, Jellyfish, Lobster, Crab, Octopus, Starfish, Shellfish, Seahorse. After the patch went live no players cooking could receive the now outmoded by products via cooking (any remaining byproducts could still be turned in). I AFK over night process wheat into flour. This window will allow you to select items to cook as well as give you a list of dishes with the dishes you have created before highlighted in blue. Fish= Skilled Cook's Meat Stew Cooking Box (Apprentice Lv.1) Meat Stew x20 (Recipe for one: Meat x5, Flour x2, Cooking Wine x2, Mineral Water x3) Base: 78,000 Delivery: 195,000: Skilled Cook's Soft Bread Cooking Box (Skilled Lv.1) Soft Bread x20 (Recipe for one: Dough x6, Leavening Agent x2, Eggs x2, Milk x3) Base: 77,000 Delivery: 192,500 Cooked base ingredient. They were all replaced by a single byproduct named Witch's Delicacy. I think there is a pattern but I haven't tested everything so I don't know the % difference: White foods (sauces, vinegar, pet feeds) give the least exp, green food (boiled egg, fruit pudding, grilled sausage, meat croquette) items give more exp than white, blue foods (special carrot juice, milk and sute tea, dark pudding) give the second highest exp, and yellow foods (all the meals and combat rations) give the most exp. > There is a slight chance of obtaining Tea with Strong Scent when making Tea with Fine Scent if your cooking level is Skilled Lv.9 or up. You buy them from Jamey Drucker , who is located in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City. I know that the cooking experience will be less and less but all I've been cooking mainly is beer which used to give me 3% per 100 cooks. - How to obtain: > You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Apprentice Lv.6 or up. Crafted in the Costume Mill (9x Cotton Fabric, 10x Powder of Earth, 15x Black Stone Powder) Cooking brings together various ingredients to make useful dishes, like beer to … Meat=Bear/Wol /Fox/Deer/Weasel/Lamb/Raccoon/Rhino/Pork/Beef if your cooking level is Skilled Lv. Cook’s Clothes – Cooking XP +10%, requires Cooking Skilled 10 to wear. Energizing Cron Meal. Poultry=Chicken/Kuku Bird/Flamingo ex: 1 [Blue] Tea with a Strong Scent = 2 [Green] Tea with a Fine Scent. The minimum speed is 1.0 seconds. 00:46:00 To do that, you must have a residence in a town and place cooking utensil in it. BDO Cooking Data Page with Experience per cook, required cooking level, Buffs and Effects and more for Black Desert Online. So making some specials or Milk/Suite Tea will probably give more exp. Recipes Bdo : Cooking and Making Silver with Meals 2019 | Black Desert Online - Recipes Bdo Video Recipes Bdo Join My Lifeskill Discord if you're active and want to chat! Donate: Nickname and amount will appear in future Incendar videos. 5 or up. Cooking allows the player to produce various cuisine that gives a buff over time, depending … The only recipe I know of that checks all those boxes is the BDO beer recipe. 1 Special Drieghanese Meal 3 Serendia Meal 3 Mediah Meal 1 Ancient Cron Spice. 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried white fishes and vice versa. 1 ingredient of green grade can be replaced by 2-3 white grade ingredients and vice versa. It can also ensure access to the best-boosting elixirs. Now I'm getting only about 2% (sometimes 3%). If you want to make advanced cooking utensils, the next closest location to do so is Glish, south of Heidel. There's a somewhat hidden cooking daily quest in Olvia that get unlocked via amity game. Cooking can be a useful and lucrative life skill to have in Black Desert. It is used to create a variety of dishes that can give buffs (many of which can be traded to other players) and restore energy to your workers and pets. As you progress your levels of cooking, you will gain the ability to create better dishes with buffs over time. Cooking allows the player to produce various cuisine that gives a buff over time, depending on what dish is eaten. - Cooldown: 30 min. It doesn't make sense that it's not in the game yet. BDO Book of Training Combat: AFK Leveling with Training Manual You can start AFK leveling, after you reach level 50 and have enough silver to spend on Book of Training – Combat . Seafood = Qualities behave the same as with Fish., Corn, Wheat, Barley, Potato, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Tomato, Cabbage, Paprika, Olives, 2 Dried Fish or 1 Dried Green Rarity Fish, 4 Dried Fish, 2 Dried Green Rarity Fish, 1 Dried Blue Rarity Fish, Base Price: 10,500 Delivery Price: 26,250, Base Price: 14,520 Delivery Price: 36,300, Base Price: 27,610 Delivery Price: 69,025, Base Price: 13,475 Delivery Price: 33,687, Base Price: 17,600 Delivery Price: 43,750, Base Price: 32,580 Delivery Price: 81,450, Base Price: 37,920 Delivery Price: 94,800, Base Price: 30,960 Delivery Price: 77,400, Base Price: 57,270 Delivery Price: 77,400, Base Price: 73,500 Delivery Price: 183,750, Base Price: 19,200 Delivery price: 48,000, Base Price: 27,600 Delivery Price: 69,000, Base Price: 63,000 Delivery Price: 157,700, Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil +5 seconds, Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil +7 seconds, Silver Embroidered Cook's Clothes 1 to -7 seconds (based on enhancement level), Teff Bread 0.3's or Teff Sandwich 0.5's or Cron Seafood Meal 0.6's don't stack with one another.

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