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In this dream, he perceived the form of a young, pale girl in hiding. His second phase arrow spell his Satan incarnate. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. Still wish we could have fought the blob bastard himself. What if Gwyndolin isn't completely dead? Login to FJ. I twisted so hard that the snakes were ripped off of Gwyndolin's legs. The fact that we only beat Aldrich because he is busy eating Gwyndolin. I'd always assumed that he was just so large that you couldn't see his body, or he was coming out backwards, or his body was submersed in his own slime, or something. Found in the innermost chamber of the Cathedral of the Deep, where the tomb of Aldrich lies. Aldrich is a giant sludge monster, he is the actual boss, he's the floor in the boss room, he's all the sludge on the floor of Anor Londo, he is the slimes in the game. That is super freaking disturbing to think about, I always wondered why it looked like Gwyndolin and now it makes more sense in a bad way. He says something to you, maybe lore relevant IDK. That means like with most bosses, there are only 1-3 seconds to hit him safely. MIND BLOWN*. Login / Create Account. This absorbtion more than likely destroys what is eaten but Gwyndolin being a deity too longer and Adrich used this to defend himself. Uhh there must be a way to fight him in his "sludge form" could be gimmicky like yhorm, but still.. Not-so-fun fact: some of the grunts of pain coming from Aldrich sound a lot more... light and juvenile than his other noises. It was a surprisingly familiar voice. I think he is controlled by Aldrich, because He actually screams when attacks you and laughs if the player dies. Well, remember that a certain Ashen One and her silent companion were originally meant to be sacrificed to Aldrich, and there's a really disturbing and unfortunate trend of religious leaders, like Aldrich, abusing children. Click to Login. Just made that even worse. Characters:Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth, Aldrich, Devourer of Gods. I'm glad that they didn't go that route :D. Eh, I was talking like full removal of Aldrich, bringing Gwyndolin back to firelink shrine, having him slowly heal, in which time you could talk, buy arrows and a few spells, and the more souls you spent on him the more he healed, and end up with a different ending where the ashened one links the fire and becomes remembered as a God, and Gwyndolin is restored to Irithyl, and it becomes a non-hostile area for learning about the lore, and spells and stuff. >Pontiff Sulyvahn of - #146558998 added by thewowpimp at Aldrich in a … And we have ourselves a nice battle against the dickhead, maybe we can actually hear him speak. I know that realisation, for me it was more. But longer bullshit arrows and a flaming model are ok too i guess /s, That video gives me the crawls.I first saw that after I'd spent a while farming sunbro medals with my pyro character. There is nothing about that statement I don't love. Yes, yes. Aldrich, like most Dark Souls 3 bosses, is a very vicious boss with powerful attacks that can easily do 700 HP in damage to the player. level 2. joesteve128. Nito is, after all, a more important lore figure than Gwyndolin, being one of the big DS1 opening elite 4. >Aldrich dreamt as he slowly devoured the God of the Darkmoon. He however, developed a habit of eating men, which made him obese, and later it turned him into a man-eating sludge. Regarding how he linked the first flame, in game dialogue refers to Alrdich being forced to become a lord of cinder, which to me implies that others more or less sacrificed him due to what he had become. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There, he's just a bunch of black goo; the person he's devouring is Gwyndolin, former leader of the darkmoon blades and son/daughter/something of Gwyn, the lord of sunlight and leader of the pantheon back in Lordran. I needed to hear that. “I am no moon!” “Yes… a dark sun. It should have gone, we do the fight as usual, thinking we are gonna get our cinders of a lord. Either also him, or his waste. Aldrich/Gwyndolin; Characters: Aldrich (Dark Souls) Dark Sun Gwyndolin; Pontiff Sulyvahn - Character; Additional Tags: Anor Londo; Cathedral of the Deep; Language: English Stats: Published: 2016-06-05 Completed: 2016-08-02 Words: 3724 Chapters: 2/2 …

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